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CERA Head Office - Occupied


For half an hour the offices held by CERA were brought to a standstill. On Monday 7th November 30 protestors arrived on mass to deliver a message - the corporatised emergency response and the unneccesary destruction of 100's of heritage buildings in the CBD of Christchurch has to stop.

    What began as a run of the mill rally, with various opposition parties lobbying for their two minutes on the microphone and the 100 plus crowd being told that the answer lays in the ballot box; soon became something much more.

   The group were invited to join the organisers of the rally to deliver in person a board of messages from the people of Christchurch. A dozen folk from Occupy Christchurch were among the crowd. After we spoke to a number of individuals who all shared their frustrations regarding the very low level of resistance that was being expressed, we soon found ourselves chanting louder and louder as we neared the CERA building.

    In the foyer we found ourselves surrounded by suits and latte' drinking business folk - the reverance and hushed silence was broken by the chant, shared by all, of "OCCUPY! OCCUPY! OCCUPY!"

    We found ourselves on the second floor office of CERA where the messages were handed over and where the 30 or so people that managed to get up the elevators made their concerns and issues clear to the official representatives on site.

    For 30 minutes the CERA office was in the hands of the people - as it always should have been. We turned to leave, only to meet three police officers on ther way up to deal with the situation, with a wink and a smile we were back in the lobby and back on the streets to share our stories and to make incredibly strong links with our wider community.

     There is raw footage that is currently being edited and due to be posted on the occupy christchurch blog soon. Happy days!

Pickets, movies, discussions, festivals, free markets, free food, safe spaces, family friendly, workshops...if you haven't drop by to your local occupy - "where the bloody hell are ya?" ;)


Now THAT'S what I'm talkin'

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' bout... Let's take our city back!


Congrats, great to see some

Congrats, great to see some fight being taken to the capitalists... if Occupy can keep that up then things are on the up.

One quick note: I'm sure there would have been double the number if there was a better means of communication. Many of us are not on Facebook and simply had no idea of this action (or other meetings). Maybe a good ol' phone tree or text service would help it grow.



the protest wasnt organised

the protest wasnt organised by the occupy group, the protest called by a number of community groups, none of whom you are in. wether you are on Facebook or the phone is irelevant. that fact that protests are being organised without much or any contact with the usual activist suspects is a good thing, right?

Of course it's a good thing,

Of course it's a good thing, it's great! All I'm saying is that as someone who is part of a number of community groups and is actively on the look out for events/actions I completely missed this one... I assumed it was a Facebook heavy event, so I'm pleased to be mistaken.

I still thing my point is valid though re Facebook.


Good stuff

As a Civil Servant I could not attend (but just happened to walk past at the same time).

Forging connections as the colour bar is placed upon the city is an important thing.

Keep it up.

I certainly didn't hear about

I certainly didn't hear about this in The Press! Yay Indy media and for people taking action.


Check the footage here:


There was tv camera's and reporters through out - they didn't report it...

...who controls the media?!

Viva Indy!

Didnt you notice

There was tv camera's and reporters through out - they did report it