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Face-to-Face for Occupy Wellington


A face-to-face gathering of people who support the call to Occupy Wellington took place on Saturday, in the space created the WEA's Social Forum and People's Expo. Consensus emerged to join the Global Day of Action on October 15, by assembling at 1pm in view of the NZ Stock Exchange, next to Macs Brewery on the waterfront.

The gathering was well-attended, with a diverse range of people. The mood was somewhat tense at first, but once we formed a circle, and gave everyone a chance to introduce themselves and speak to their reasons for being there, we were able discuss possible targets for Occupy Wellington. Consensus emerged that the NZ Stock Exchange, is the closest equivalent to the financial nerve centre in this city that Wall St represents in New York. We agreed to assemble somewhere near there at 1pm, and that anyone who wanted to would scout the area, and report back through Facebook and other online networks.

A group of us went down to the waterfront afterwards for a scout. The fanzone will still be surrounding the Stock Exchange building on the 15. We thought that the bridge between Civic Square and the lagoon might be a good place to assemble. The Stock Exchange can be seen from the green space on the bridge, and there is room there for quite a few people to assemble and have discussions about what to do from there. If there are too many people for that space, the part of Frank Kitts Park on top of the car park also has a good view of the Stock Exchange, and plenty of room for people to assemble.

Some people might want to go for a parade, some might want to set up camp. These decisions, and any others, can be made by the group that assembles, on the day. People can come prepared for any action they want take with banners, signs, warm clothes, musical instruments, megaphones, tents, water vessels etc

For those inspired by the ongoing occupation at Wall St, who actually want to occupy, Frank Kitts would be one possibility. We also considered the green space next to the Whare Waka, once the fanzone has been taken down (don't really like the idea of kettling ourselves in there while the fences are still up). Again, these decisions will be made in the moment by all those who come on the day to Occupy Wellington.

A project will be set up on, to provide an email list, and an alternative to online organising through FaceBook. More details soon.

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