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police reports filed for on line harassment


 As a result of continuing harassment of me on line, I filed two (2) separate police reports against individuals who may be guilty of a Class B Misdemeanor , Harassment on line.

See the data below on the bases for the reports.

1) On September 26, 2011 I filed a police report number 0911-1642, concerning the criminal harassment efforts against me by one who identifies himself alternately as 'anonymous' and ' j. robert upton'.

 The police report was accepted by the Cameron County Sherff''s Office, Deputy Victor Alvarado, at Harlingen, Texas, (956)427-8060, fax: (956)412-1404, and the facts therein constitute a possible class B misdemeanor under the laws of the state of Texas.

Here are some of the links where the disgusting & vile comments by the above named cyberstalker/thug are available for all to study. Thank you Indymedia Philadelphia for any cooperation that you may afford to the Sheriff in connection with the criminal investigation.


Criminal complaint filed against sender of the message, "kill yourself geral sosbee" Re: Austin Indymedia post:

geral sosbee files a criminal complaint against the author of the harassing messages shown above on 9-19-11; the class B misdemeanor complaint was received by Sheriff Deputy Roberto Oyervidez, Cameron County Sheriff's office, 7300 Old Alice Road, Olmito, Texas 78575, case # 0911-1183; this "kill yourself geral sosbee" case is also being coordinated with the following police agency:

MikeMichael HornbrookSergeantIndianapolis Metropolitan Police DepartmentDepartment of Public Safety3229 North Shadeland AvenueIndianapolis, IN, 46226 . See the following links for the original harassing messages: