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Bans & Threats For Posting My Reports


Free speech is often undermined when government operatives control some Indy Media groups and public message boards. See a few examples in this report.


Threats and Bans Globally For Posting My   Reports of fbi/cia/police Atrocities

 Many public message boards & Indy groups (such as Colorado Indymedia, Miami Indymedia & *, et al  ban & threaten this author at the direction of the criminals in the fbi/cia. My reports focus primarily on the assassins of the police and fbi/cia and their ongoing atrocities against Targets  globally.


In some instances I document evidence of American intelligence community’s fraud on and manipulation of the financial markets, particularly in the largely unregulated (by design) futures markets:


MSN permanently banned me for reporting evidence of such destructive financial chicanery:

Yahoo also banned me from all message & news boards for the ‘’content’’ of my reports.


The main purpose for this report is to suggest that public news boards on line and the major search engines are now being controlled in part by the very criminals in government who engage in the global crime spree (or cover up thereof) that I labor to document; thus, as the world slips into an abyss of tyranny and murderous oppression at the hands of evil doers (such as those in the fbi/cia) one must necessarily place partial blame for such in the controllers of media who prevent large sections of the population from viewing reports such as mine.


Another source of responsibility for blocking reports of atrocities are the local police and universities, etc.  who, acting as de facto fbi operatives, threaten to arrest and prosecute this reporter for his postings.


Finally, the fbi/cia have on line operatives whose duty is to disparage my posts and to engage in ad hominem attacks:


Here is an example of on line sneaks pretending to engage in proper discourse, while undermining legitimate posts.

By: Zaius-PhD


             “I hope the NWO throws you in a hole and we never have to hear your ranting again.






                           And here is the hate message that prompted this report:



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Signs of the times ...

We maintain the fight, we collect email addresses and we send our information by other means, including posters in shopping malls, tee-shirts and graffiti.

We do not give up the fight to transmit the truth even to a world that rejects the truth, as the world rejected Christ. Spiritually, we earn our 'wings' through such sacrifice. Our forefathers had to suffer their generations of strife, so must we, in the cause of truth and justice.

We shall suffer and we shall be maligned for we live among tribes of humanity governed by malignant intellects devoid of humanity.

That it may 'appear' that all the world is against us is irrelevant, we march on!  As Christ carried his cross, so we march.

But we have allies, oh yes ...

The ills you speak of are centred in the Roman Catholic Church (that brokered Musolini and Hitler to power).  The entire non-roman world is Protestant, friend, do not lose heart that Alliance soldiers will break cover and come to your aid.