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Abolition of Meat: Closing communiqué for the May 2011 WWAM


Once again there has been great mobilization for this year's second World Week for the Abolition of Meat (WWAM) ( fifty actions took place in the world (, all aiming towards the same goal: to promote the idea that the consumption of meat is not ethical and that it should be abolished ( at the societal level, just like human slavery, for example, was abolished in its time.

Numerous organizations united to demand the end of a deeply ingrained injustice, perceived as natural and ancestral, and thus perceived as normal.

They united to say: No one has the right to eat meat.

Even the most basic morals, accepted by all, which affirm that one must not kill or make an animal suffer unnecessarily, unavoidably lead to the conclusion that the consumption of meat must be banned. This practice which produces the most suffering and death that have ever existed on the face of the earth is not justified by any physiological necessity.

Throughout the world, individuals, groups and organizations stand up to proclaim their dissent. We demand the banning of animal agriculture, fishing and hunting.


We no longer want to tolerate that reasons as ridiculous as the good taste of flesh in one's mouth can overcome the fundamental interests of those concerned: sentient beings who are raised, fished, and hunted in order to become dead bodies for consumption.

These World Weeks for the Abolition of Meat, we hope, are the beginnings of a world where everyone will have it in her or his heart to avoid making other beings suffer. WWAM Organizational Committee (
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