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Socialist Aotearoa: Which way the wind blows...


Commentary- Joe Carolan, Socialist Aotearoa

Ten million workers on a general strike in Spain. Cop cars burning in Barcelona. The biggest workers action in Spain since the Revolution. And the anger is rising.

The European Parliament barricaded in Brussels, protected by baton wielding robocops from over 100,000 workers representing unions throughout the continent. Banners flying from Greece, Italy, England, Portugal, Scandanivia- one continent, one struggle. The Peoples of Europe are rising up.

There were marches in Poland and in Eastern Europe. The radical left makes connection again with workers unions after two decades of unrestrained neoliberalism replaced Stalinist state capitalism. Solidarnosc!

And back in the Ould Sod, ruled by a drunken bumbling Prime Minister who has given more money to one bank than the whole of the G8 promised to give Sub Saharan Africa, the radical alternative to a spineless and pathetic union bureaucracy hits the ground running by ramming the gates of the Irish parliament on its first day sitting with a Cement Mixer, daubed with the slogans "Toxic Banks". This mortar attack is the most concrete proposal so far!

The wind is shifting- can you feel it?

All this week I've been out in the stores and in the corridors, talking to workers in retail, restaurants and casinos. Kiwi workers are sick of this shit- low pay, high stress, not enough hours, too much work, no security, lay offs, restructuring, unemployment, cuts to services, arrogant gobbledygook speaking HRs who need a good bullet in the head to clear their minds.

Yeah, we mightn't be having General Strikes on the scale of Spain. We mightn't be driving Cement Mixers through the doors of the Beehive. Heads might be down and workers might be scared.

But the resentment is palpable. GST going up? The Nats are Rats.
Bernard Hickey admits the Emperor has no clothes, FFS.

Teachers on strike. Doctors on strike. JB Hi-Fi workers on strike.

Soon to be joined by their brothers and sisters in the casinos, fastfood outlets and hotels.

It's the calm before the storm here in Aotearoa.


Good coverage from around

Good coverage from around Europe here:



Lemme guess, the typical

Lemme guess, the typical bunch of violent thugs ruined and tarnished a good protest by burning cop cars and trying to kill cops. Typical.

The old 'use of force' debate

Can you point me to some evidence that someone was trying to kill cops? Burning cop cars doesn't count, since it's pretty easy (and infinitely prefereable) to burn the car after it's occupant has buggered off. As for the use of force is self-defence by protesters, would you expect the cops to be totally passive if the protestors clearly intended to maim or kill them? If not, then why do you expect this of protestors when cops clearly intend to maim or kill them?

The chucked lethal weapons,

The chucked lethal weapons, stones and molotov cocktails at the cops, and the cops responded with the pathetic response of teargas and retreat.

Tell me if the cops wanted to kill or maim protestors then why would'nt they just shoot em dead with guns, at present the cops seem pathetic and the anarchists destroying legitimate protests know it and exploit it to attack the police and burn our property (the cop cars) at will, with no respect.



I agree with strypey,its the

I agree with strypey,its the cops who have these fascist weapons in the first place.

Awesome comment S.




Great article but do we have to use Youtube? Aren't we trying to create alternatives here? Youtube is full of advertising and not really independent at all. Just saying.


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Exactly, Spanish workers

Exactly, Spanish workers should be communicating their message by carrier pigeon.

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Whats your problem with

Whats your problem with pidgeons animal rapist thug.

The biggest workers action in

The biggest workers action in Spain since the Revolution.

Come on... this seems highly unlikely. Bigger than the waves of strike action against the Francoist dictatorship? What about the general strike in 2002?

get off your pompous high

get off your pompous high horse

Who are you directing that to?

Because if it's to Joe C, who posted the article, you need to be clear what you mean. If it's to the person who questioned the claim that this is the biggest worker mobilisation since the civil war, then it's a valid question. We can report on this mass mobilisation without needing to resort to inaccurate hyperbole, if in fact that's what it is. It would surprise me if it is the largest mobilisation since the civil war, certainly relative to Spain's larger population now, I'd be very surprised. But even in absolute numbers, Spain has a reputation for huge worker rallies in the past. Personally, I hope it is only the first of many, bigger rallies, but we'll have to wait and see.



Excuse me for requesting that

Excuse me for requesting that Joe verify his claim with evidence. You may get your jollies from some wildly overoptimistic analysis gained from Joe's rose tinted communist crystal ball but I'm a bit more interested in the facts.

Hey man, why discount Joe's

Hey man, why discount Joe's comments?Man, the pettyness....activists get collective!Stop picking on each other.


We all have one aim - to destroy the state?Its quite simple. This quite brilliant rise-up indicates the state is not listening.


From a Spanish comrade in the

From a Spanish comrade in the thread Jared linked to:

If you consider the numbers of the 2002 general strike the wednesday one was a moderate, mild success or even a quasy-falliure.

Yes perhaps the point itself is a small one, but the implications of it are not. Socialist Aotearoa are clearly willing to publish information which is blatantly dubious, and then will not ever respond to others when questioned about it. The bourgeois media, for all its ideological bias, at least tends to check its facts from time to time. I don't see radical journalism gaining any widespread respect from working people so long as people like Joe are willing to pull their facts out of their arse.

Barcelona - General Strike,

Barcelona - General Strike, Bank occupations & riots on day of action

Yesterday’s General Strike in the Spanish state was a massive success. Large areas of Spain came to a complete halt and Barcelona saw 70% of businesses shut for the day.

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