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Book launch to commemorate State Terror Raids



'On 15 October 2010 we will commemorate the third anniversary of the State Terror Raids with the launch of a new book about that fateful day. The book is a collection of stories from people affected by the raids, and includes terrifying incidents of state violence and inspiring stories of resistance. The launch will be held at Thistle Hall on Cuba Street in Wellington at 6pm on the 15th of October. All supporters, friends, fellow travellers and freedom fighters are welcome!' says editor Valerie Morse

'Most New Zealanders will remember the lockdown of Ruatoki, the nation-wide raids, the "terror" hysteria followed by arrests and detention of people awaiting the decision of the Solicitor-General as to whether charges under the Terrorism Suppression Act would be authorised. What many people do not know is that the case is still on-going with 18 people awaiting trial, that the people of Ruatoki are still awaiting an apology from the police, and that resistance to the government's phony "war on terrorism" continues.'

'People tell their stories in this book. These stories are a glimpse into the experiences of the literally hundreds of people throughout the country who were affected by those raids on that day. These stories also include political analysis and personal understanding of why the raids happened, of why the police attacked the people of Tuhoe in they way did.'

'The Terror Raids of October 15th 2007 will go down in New Zealand history as one of the greatest police blunders of all time. They will be remembered for the extreme violence perpetrated on Tuhoe, and their naked racism towards Maori.

'The Terror Raids happened in part because the New Zealand government signed up to the 'war on terrorism.' They employed a whole team of police to find "terrorists", and then they gave them extraordinary powers and technology. The police and their mates at the SIS then used those powers to target Maori and political dissidents. It is the same old story: those who have power and control of this country use contemporary language to vilify and criminalise those who stand in opposition to their greed and violence. These raids are no different that the police raids into Parihaka in 1881, into Maungapohatu in 1916 or into Takaparawha in 1978. They are no different than the police brutality towards striking miners at Waihi in 1912 or Watersiders in 1951.

The people arrested in the Terror Raids continue to struggle for justice; the people of Tuhoe continue to struggle for justice, for return of their stolen land and their mana motuhake.

The October 15th Solidarity group demands that all of the charges against the 18 accused be dropped, the Terrorism Suppression Act be repealed, that Tuhoe's mana motuhake be restored and justice for those raided on be done.

The book is published by Rebel Press and will be available for order or free download on the Rebel Press website ( following the launch.


Auckland Book Launch...

A book launch for The Day the Raids Came will also be held in Auckland.

When: 7pm Saturday 4th December

Where: 8 Mt Eden Road, Newton, Auckland.

More details to come soon. Email if you want to be kept informed or just keep an eye on the 'Upcoming Events' thread to the right of the page.

Does the book have a name?

Er, what's the book called? The article doesn't say...

It's called...

"The day the raids came"

Eh, but the editor of the

Eh, but the editor of the book is one the people arrested in the raids who was the whole cause of the thing and what brought it on the community who suffered because of what they 'allegedly did'.

And now they want people to buy the book so they can profit from what they caused, is this real life?

Opps, I'm an idiot, it's free

Opps, I'm an idiot, it's free carry on chaps.

who was the whole cause of

who was the whole cause of the thing and what brought it on the community who suffered because of what they 'allegedly did'

This is a classic example of the type of weak-arsed, fence sittings, puddingpop depth of analysis that reflect a shallow mindedness that has infested this country's psychi.

'Allegedly'??? Please....why even bother throwing that word in when you seem so ready to take the police position hook line and sinker when you state, "who was the whole cause of the thing".

It is in fact you, who over the last 35 years since the 1975 misuse of drugs act that have stood by allowing the police to lay 400,000 prosecutions against New Zealanders and who stood by while over 70,000 New Zealanders faced jail for the consumption of a wonderful medicinal plant, who stood by while the crown confiscated 33 million acres of Maori land under its foreshore and seabed legislation, who turn your heads to the wall daily while the government installs a police state in this country under the false guise of national security and modernisation.

It is you who writhe in inaction, in passive whimpering compliance, part of the masses who are sleep walking this country into a complete state of indifference, it is you that has given licence to the police to suspend the liberty and rights of habeus corpus of an entire valley of Tuhoe in order to fulfil their desparate need to be a participant in the US war on terror, war for oil programme.

You the ignorant peon masses are the cause of the "whole cause of the thing and what brought it on the community who suffered because..." you will rather do nothing...than face the risk of failure that comes part and parcel with taking the necessary action needed to fight against these injustices.

kia ora,after watching the

kia ora,

after watching the doco on maori tv I was left with the feeling that perhaps the urewera raids were in part an effort to divide tuhoe so that the 'majority' would turn against the radicals who bought the police repression to town.  I like to think I know better when it comes to social struggle but seems like maybe that was part of the purpose:  to divide the town using fear and directing anger towards those organising from a radical perspective.  just a thought.