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NZ Troops out NOW



‘New Zealand’s first combat death in Afghanistan should be a wake up call for all of the parliamentarians – New Zealand troops need to get out of Afghanistan now’ said Peace Action Wellington member Valerie Morse

‘This war has been going on for nearly 9 years. It has caused immeasurable horror and damage for the people of Afghanistan. Estimates are of 30,000 Afghanis dead. The country is in far worse shape now than it was when the bombing began on 8 October 2001. This war is a thinly veiled campaign of imperial conquest being waged by the US and its ISAF allies.’

‘We don’t buy the State propaganda about the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Bamiyan. These people are armed soldiers first and foremost.  They have never and were never invited by the people of Afghanistan to occupy their country.’

Peace Action Wellington  |  Global Peace and Justice Auckland Press Release  | 

‘When the PRTs were first deployed, their stated mission was to extend the rule of the central government in Kabul – run by the corrupt US puppet Hamid Karzai. The NZDF is not conducting a mission of mercy for the people of Afghanistan but simply lending legitimacy and material support to an occupying army. It is the US government and its co-conspirators who are the real terrorists there.’

‘By and large New Zealanders don’t support the war in Afghanistan. The people in this country are not hoodwinked by US lies about bringing democracy and freedom. We demand that all New Zealand troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan immediately.’



John Key's fault

John Key says that he feels sorry for the family of this soldier, but he isn't sorry. Key is running this war to improve relations with the United States, and in Key's mind, Timothy O'Donnell is nothing but a piece of meat which should be thrown in the trash. I know it sounds harsh, but this is the mindset of politicians - they don't care, it's just business.

I hope that Peace Action members seize on this opportunity to show what a disgrace this "war" is. Call in to talk radio and write letters to the editor. John Key and the Pentagon have blood on their hands, and they need to stop being make-believe leaders. The Taliban and Al Qaeda were both created by the CIA and the ISI, and now we're fighting groups which we armed to start with.

The whole war is a failure. We will never defeat the Taliban and Afghanistan will not improve through military occupation. Most New Zealanders don't understand the issues, so research the history of Afghanistan and create some effective arguments.

Never, ever be afraid of bogus labels, such as "anti-American". The only anti-American group in the world is occupying the White House and the Pentagon right now. Let's stomp those bastards by proving that they're the terrorists! They funded Al Qaeda and now our soldiers are dying, while our "leaders" pose as saviours. They are in fact TRAITORS. Anti-American scum Obama should be tried for war crimes and thrown in jail for the rest of his life. This war is an embarrassment and a disgrace, and I'm angry that John Key can murder another citizen with impunity. Timothy O'Donnell's death is 100% John Key's fault.

Now a New Zealander is dead, and John Key is going to risk killing more of our soldiers. The PRT mission is a joke; when we eventually pull out, the Taliban will destroy everything we've built. Let's stay in the Pacific region and avoid engagement in the failure that is the Afghan conflict.


It's Not 100% Key's fault

It was a Labour/Alliance government, supported by every member of the opposition, that voted to send troops to Afghanistan. None of them should be let off the hook. Only the Green Party voted against the war and now they've seemingly changed their tune as well. Keith Locke is quoted in the Herald today saying "We are proud of the good peacekeeping and reconstruction work that our Provincial Reconstruction Team has done in Bamian Province, and we mourn the loss of one of its members."

The troops are there as part of a war, not an Oxfam project. How many Afghans have they killed? We're never told but on the radio today Minister of Defence Wayne Mapp said they get into fire fights often in that area. And of course there's the SAS . . .



Very few New Zealanders

Very few New Zealanders wanted this country to be involved in that war and even less with the USA's war for oil programme in Iraq. There is no legal grounds for supporting the invasion of Afghanistan, nor is there any moral grounds for participating in this crime. This war is a WAR OF AGGRESSION which is a war crime under international law, this invasion was not sanctioned by the UN security council and is in direct violation of section 51 of the UN charter which prohibits countries from invading other countries unless they are first invaded or the UN Security Council sanctions the invasion.

Therefore every politicians that lent their support to or assisted in sending troops to Afghanistan should be impeached for unlawful criminal activity in an NZ court and following that, taken before the Hague, tried and if found guilty, hanged for their part in this crime against humanity.

Aotearoa troops home!

We agree with what J Smoe wrote. Also, most people we have spoken to want the troops out of Afghanistan and back home and don't understand why they are there in the first place - except to get into bed with the USA for trade.

Yep get those troops doing

Yep get those troops doing the reconstruction out right now. There are plenty of warlords who will take over the reconstruction and provide aid to the people and if they fail we can rely again on the Taliban to bring law, order and peace.

Reality check

Human rights in Afghanistan cannot be used to justify endless
occupation, as there are human rights abuses in most countries. The war
debate should instead focus on whether or not we can capture Osama Bin
Laden - that's the mission, and it's a failure.