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Howard Broad - the Commissioner who invaded Ruatoki


"Howard Broad will be remembered for the raids on the homes of political activists across Aotearoa and for the invasion of Ruatoki on 15th October 2007" says spokesperson for the October 15th Solidarity group Peter Steiner.

"We hold Howard Broad directly responsible for the raids. It was Broad who gave the OK for the raids which involved over 300 police officers and it was him who briefed Government Ministers a few days prior. The whole operation was a grotesque attack on legitimate political opposition. The police targeted Tuhoe and tino rangatiratanga activists, environmentalists, union organizers and peace campaigners in a thinly veiled attack on dissent."

"Howard Broad now gets the 'honour' of being remembered amongst such 'fine' people as Commissioner Cullen, who led the invasion of Maungapohatu in 1916, and the military commanders behind the scorched earth campaign in the 1860s."

"Due to suppression orders, we can't even start to talk about just how dodgy this police operation was. However, 18 people still face charges from the raids and a trial is currently scheduled for May 2011 - almost four years later. The October 15th Solidarity group demands that the charges against the 18 defendants are dropped and the Terrorism Suppression Act be repealed" concluded Peter Steiner. fore more information.


Broad still has 7 or so

Broad still has 7 or so months then to deliver on his promise to apologise to the Tuhoe Nation for his armed invasion.

George Rangiaho
Ngati Rongo
Tuhoe Nation

"in a thinly veiled attack on

"in a thinly veiled attack on dissent."

Yep nothing to do with the guns and armed training camps at all!

Yep nothing to do with the

Yep nothing to do with the guns and armed training camps at all!

Commiserations mr plod that your boss got fired. He didn't offer this resignation or any of that bs, he was fired. Crusher Colins told him he would not be getting another term....too much corruption, too manyh cover ups, too many cops up on charges of sexual violence and corruption. The police force is more corrupt now than when Broad took over the role as top plonker. Colins is even struggling to find a replacement that does not have a closet bursting to its seems with skeletons. But no suprises. We always knew the police were corrupt to the core. Power pollutes plod.


Howard the Raiding Warrior

Howard Broad the Raiding Warrior has had his time. Crusher Collins may wish to have a man that is even more hardline. Of course his choice to step down is completely his own voluntary decision. We trust him and the government in all they tell us 24/7.

Oh so many tears will be shed for this honourable man dressed in dark blue. Strangely the same colour of the party that presently runs our government.

A few dozen cops were charged with offences over recent years. What a surprise, is it really? That is just the tip of the ice-berg, I believe. The gang in blue is the largest gang we have in this country. Like with Black Power, Mongrel Mob, other gangs, some are trustworthy and straight up, but others are the biggest rascals, liars, thugs and crooks we would rather never meet.

Thank you Howard for taking care of us all, and thank you for the various harassments, punch-ups, twisted arms and other injuries suffered by some that were somehow not treated that humanely by some of your otherwise so "honourable" and "respectful" staff! NO tears lost for you and so many of your sorts! I am sure the security business looking after the rich pays better than 50 grand a year (starting pay) police officers get.

For some reason I feel he won't bother

George - that was a suggestion that will never be fulfilled by the gang in blue. Howard Broad Lies will never bend over and apoligise for anything, and whosoever will follow him will be even less inclined. So you know what the story is and where the answer lies. No more comments needed.


Radical the rat.


Like it or not - I am here and speaking out. That goes up some people's nose. That is exactly what is good and constructive. Cheap comments to rubbish this do nothing at all. At least contribute to a constructive and healthy discussion. As far as I know Indymedia wants exactly that. It is a pity so few take this up. Or is it the lack of confidence, competence and true conviction to fail on this?

We do not just need the converted to preach to the converted. Open your minds, please.

Give me a go! I want to discuss and debate, for heaven's sake. It would do us all some good to have true freedom of speech and democracy that so many media outlets and venues only grant under so many tight conditions (to serve themselves).

Thanks for your comment though, although it did not enlighten me.