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War in Afghanistan sinks as New Zealand digs in


Controversy has erupted in the United States today with the publication of an interview in Rolling Stone magazine with General Stanley McChrystal who heads up the war in Afghanistan.

In the interview McChrystal is highly critical the President and Vice-President, an act which could potentially result in a court martial. Just within the past few minutes, reports are suggesting that McChrystal has tendered his resignation.

It is interesting timing as McChrystal has been the key proponent of the ‘surge’ of troops into Afghanistan in an attempt to replicate US actions in Iraq. The ‘surge’ doesn’t appear to have worked so far, as the offensive in Marjah in late April by US Marines demonstrates. On the other hand, McChrystal was praised by Afghani president and all around good guy Hamid Karzai as the best man for the job and someone who ‘really knows the Afghani people.’

All of this is the larger setting for John Key’s recent recommitment of the Special Air Service (SAS) and Provincial Reconstruction Team.TV3 reported that “We now know Key is openly considering keeping 20-25 SAS troops in Kabul past March next year - when he said he would pull them out.” The article goes on to say that the PRT will be there until 2015, making for 12 years of war by New Zealand soldiers against the Afghani people.


The story of McChrystal’s comments and New Zealand’s involvement are not unrelated. In the same interview, McChrystal is in France trying to shore up the support of the allies for the continued waging of the war. Since so many of the US allies have left the party, McChrystal and co are busily trying to ensure that the International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF) appears to actually be ‘international’ rather than the thinly veiled US invasion that it actually is.


No doubt this is why Key is so keen to keep the NZDF over there. If he can continue to keep public opposition to the war muted while completely changing his position on the status of the troops, then all the better for relations with Washington where a mouth watering free trade agreement dangles forever just above NZ’s head.

Our neighbours over in Australia may well be considering their involvement in Obama’s war. Of course, reports there of three more dead soldiers tend to put even the most die hard patriot on notice. New Zealanders have yet to endure a combat death in Afghanistan, and the extreme propaganda surrounding Willie Apiata cemented the Rambo-esque image of NZ troops. But with more than 50% of the population opposed to the war, how long will our relative silence and passivity remain in the face of these murderous lying hypocritical warmongers in government?



The transmutable public

The transmutable public character called John Key is living in an illusion I think. The US is broke, its economy is in tatters, states are going toes up, and that is all pre the next level of oil hikes as the world transitions through the bump plateau as supply declines. So what is the payoff for Key to tie this country in with one that is basically insolvent?

A 12 year war may be a marathon for the west, and at a huge cost to the indigenous peoples of that area, but the Afghani people have been occupied in the past for up to 300 years at a time and still held their own.

One of the problems with maintaining a kill squad, grab team type group of psychopathic killers such as the SAS is that you have to let them feed to keep their apetites for death appeased. Afghanistan then is the solution to this, by rotating the SAS through there, Key keeps them killing on a regular basis, Key keeps them happy, and the bonus is that the US gets to carry on the illusion that their forces are international.

Most ruling class regimes aligned with the US that maintain death squads will be taking the opportunity to rotate them through Afghanistan for the same grisly reasons.

Val, big ups for keeping this

Val, big ups for keeping this dirty pot up on the front of the stove.

Let's have a cup of coffee and talk about the next Wellington action.






Afghanistan has become 'the

Afghanistan has become 'the war no one talks about', as the corporate media no longer use it to sell advertising. Every few months some new young people assemble at Trentham and other NZDF bases, in preparation to head over there. Both Labour and National support this stupid War of Terror - as it is 'ok' to spend tax dollars doing NZ's bit to support her warmongering trading partners. I agree with Don - give us a time and place to meet, so we can plan to stop this war now.