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Oppose the surveillance state


Members of Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement along with hundreds of others from various political parties to civil libertarians took part in demonstrations against the current search and surveillance bill in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in late April.

The bill before parliament, giving the armed wing of the state greater powers, is part of the government’s aggressive class war agenda being waged against our class and the most disadvantaged in our society.

As a leaflet produced by the October Solidarity group correctly points out, “The bill is one component of the government’s grasp for more power over our lives. It is part of a large agenda of social control that is called the ‘war on terrorism’….which has nothing to with terrorism; it is about criminalizing people on the margins of our society like those who dare to speak out about injustice here in Aotearoa and around the world.”

From an anarchist perspective, the state is the greatest practitioner of violence and terrorism from the October ‘terror’ raids in 2007 to Iraq and Afghanistan to name a few. The present agenda security agenda being pursued should be considered nothing new. The gradual erosion of our current civil liberties is a state pattern during periods on perceived unrest and ‘threats to security’ from the passing of the sedition laws during World War One and Two to beyond, . The state conceded these rights and reforms through mass militant direct action and solidarity rather than simply appealing to our politicians, which is the only way we will defeat this bill.

The bill doesn’t only threaten political activists however, as it also gives powers in areas such surveillance to a wide range of other institutions including WINZ. It is not unthinkable that WINZ might use these powers to further target those trying to live on already meager benefits offered. The bill is so wide ranging (and weighs in at a massive 197 pages) that it is difficult to imagine the vast variety of ways in which it could be used by the over 70 agencies to which it grants new and/or enhanced powers.

Beyond fighting this bill, we need to work towards abolishing the root cause of the problem which is the state and capital. Only a libertarian communist society offers lasting security and freedom, from the constant fear and insecurity created by the status-quo.

For more information on the bill and why you should oppose it check out

Reports and pictures from demos against the bill in Auckland are here and Wellington are here.


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People who have by and large

People who have by and large been disenfranchised and grown up under the system often struggle with comprehending the political aspects of privacy as that to them is the talk of the privaleged. How many poor people can afford a QC to take on their case and fight against unlawful warrants and all that shit.

If you want people to get a handle on what this bill means to them then it will pay to talk in their language with examples that they can relate to. These people live in fear and insecurity now with the threat of cops raiding them at anytime for the ways and means they are employing to pay their bills and feed their kids in places like south Auckland.

WINZ are already quizzing neighbours to dob in each other as are other Govt organisations that are turning to spying to run their systems more efficiently and with greater control. Privately run 0800 doblines working hand in hand with the police already exist coaxing people into a surveillance culture.

Beyond the bill people will need to know how to defeat this military styled spying Government, as it is here to stay (sorry to say) as a means of social control.

Fear and security governance.

Make people aware of the techniques being used on them and how to defeat them should they be concerned about it.

the new world police state

the new world police state involves increased cctv surveillance of the populace, increased non-lethal weapons for police to repress dissent, rfid chips implanted in people, and the phasing out of paper currency.  the new dark ages are just around the corner.  2-4-5-8 fuck the police state!

the rfid chips in dogs and

the rfid chips in dogs and passports are the same they want to implant in people.  if we buy ($200 USD) or build (plans on the internet) emp guns* and fire them point blank into passports perhaps the cost involved in replacing these chips will make the state rethink their use.  increasing costs for the system is the only weapon we have against it.

emp guns can also be used as an alternative therapy for muscles.  firing the pulse directly into muscles is supposed to be good.


* electro-magnetic pulse


Hi Jun - you appear to be a sincere person preferring a good and trusting society. I wish it was that easy. Ultimately most of us want such a society. What is happening is partly a consequence of the disenfranchisement of people, the individualisation of social life, the isolation so many experience, which again is result of a very inhumane environment in employment and in general. We are all put into environments of constant competition, distrust, suspicion, and so forth, because that is the environment the ruling elite and their supporting servants and systems want to be in place. Truth is they are very paranoic, because they fear the loss of control and power over their rule, their property, their privileges, their system of subordination and capitalist exploitation. Hence they behave like that. Once people used to congregate, talk, socialise and trust each other. Have you noticed how that has disappeared? This is evidence of the mind control being conducted by the elite that wants to brainwash us all into being competing "applicants", "servants", consumers and simply "productive units" to make a system work that only benefits themselves! Social interaction, normal social ties and honest open opinion are NOT WANTED! Because it will mean that the common people get their true power back and may question the state of affairs! So that is what we are all up against. Every so many years we are tricked into casting a "vote" for some vague party basically serving the interests of their clientele. Whether they keep their "promises", whether they do honest and sensible politics is a totally different and questionable matter. They primarily just seek that "licence" to keep on betraying, misleading and exploiting us for their and their lobbyist's own interests! That is the sole truth in NZ and all around the world. So people be aware, learn, inform yourselves and take a stand. YOu may be stronger than you ever thought you were. Also you are "completely normal" wanting social interaction, trust, a good feel about yourself and others. If you feel that is not possible, then this is because I have just explained! Take care and best of luck.