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Photos From Waihopai Trial


I spent last week in Wellington supporting three ploughshare's activists on trial for an action they took to "disarm" the Waihopai spy base. The week was a busy one with court every day plus a wide range of protests, meetings and events.

The trial felt very sombre with everyone fully aware of the potential consequences of a conviction for the accused. It also felt depressing that nine years after the invasion of Afghanistan and seven years after the invasion of Iraq that both wars are continuing. One of the things I took away from the week was  from Irish/Australian ploughshare activist Ciaron O'Reilly who talked about how we need a culture of support for those who engage in civil disobedience so that they are not left facing the consequences of their actions alone. He also spoke powerfully about how if 1% of those who had marched against war in 2003 had been prepared to go to jail for their beliefs we could have stopped the war machine.

The trial for the three acused is expected to finish this week.

Throughout the week I took photos at most events here is a small selection of them.

A larger photo essay is online at:

More photos are at:

Please ask for permission before using any of these photos :)


pix of waihopai ploughshares trial

Corker pix, Squirrel. Fills in the gaps of the bits I missed nicely.


Fantastic photos

Fantastic photos squirrel,

thanks for this account.