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Andrew Gibson or Thomas Andrew Gibson


So how does a man like this still manage to show his face around town!!

I see from his Gibson security website that he is on to that again. I am amazed to think that he still has his security license.

Company based out in Lower Hutt now instead of Cambridge tce, probably from his house that jc says is out there. Whatever happened to dying gracefully.

He lost the temperance and the hog, from what i hear he had to sell the other bars that he had,now he is desperatly trying to stay in the limelight with this new/old venture. How many others will be tricked by this smooth talking conman before he is put out to pasture. I had a friend work who worked for him and he never got paid. i hear this is normal gibson style. What a tosser.

Who would work for this guy? 


Andrew Gibson - Gibson Security, The Temperance, etc

Only idiots would work for Andrew Gibson, I understand he is soon to be bankrupt by DB Breweries if the other two idiots (father/son) from the NEW loaded hog bar in Lower Hutt don't provide him with shelter first! No, Gibson Security does NOT have a current security licence and nor does he care. I'm told from a reliable source that despite his numerous assault convictions he still puts his finger in the ear with the licensing authority.

he has worked out a deal with

he has worked out a deal with DB to pay the 2.2 million that he owes them, but only did the deal cause the high court told him to. the new contact numbers that he has on the website are his home number and personal cell. how can someone get his company struck off?


anyone know what work they've done for thompson and clark?

testimonial from Gibson website:

We sought a quality service provider as part of a comprehensive risk management programme for our client and we have been very happy with the standard GSL maintains.

- Nick Thompson
- Thompson & Clark Investigations Ltd


Remote Location Security
GSL is able to deploy guards anywhere in NZ for short or long term. GSL will manage all aspects of the requested security from any requirements or training for the guards through to transport and accommodation. GSL deployed guards to Stockton Mine in Westport where guards were required to complete a demanding 4 week training period including 4 wheel drive, First aid, bush craft and protest control.
Document and Repossessions Agents
Another division of special operations dealing with the serving of documents and repossession of goods.

By request only, GSL can provide covert or overt surveillance for specific jobs. This is a demanding role and requires special certification and a well planned mutually agreed outcome

Yeah right! quick deployment!

Noone works for him anymore apart from some hangers on and they are only chicks that have been blinded by his Bullshit! The only person that he could deploy is himself and even then he would need to book 2 seats for his large ass!


Is it true that andrew is in a partnership with that guy that owns Diffuse security? Unsure of his name but i think its Mike...and and mike owns Hope Bros on Dixon also? I hear these 2 shady bastards geserve each other. lol


2 fat fucks acting like they want to be tony sopranos. lol

Andrew Gibson owns Sports cafe...under his daughters trust! sources have confirmed it...Luciana trust/enterprises owns Sports cafe...this is how mr gibson will keep his face in wellington for years to come.


Companies register

Company Number 2123570 View Certificate Of Incorporation Company LUCIANA ENTERPRISES LIMITED EMAIL CERTIFICATE Incorporated   24-APR-2008 View Online Extract Current Status   REGISTERED EMAIL EXTRACT Entity Type   Company   Constitution Filed   Yes CERTIFICATE OF GOOD STANDING Annual Return Filing Month October   Print This Page Previous Names No Previous Names on record Address Details Registered Office   C/-Wilson & Co   Level 7, 234 Wakefield Street   Wellington Address for Service   C/-Wilson & Co   Level 7, 234 Wakefield Street   Wellington Directors Name Date Appointed: GIBSON, Thomas Andrew 24-APR-2008     Corner Blair Street And Courtenay Place, Wellington Share Parcels   Total Number of shares 100,000    Number of Shares 100,000      Shareholder(s) GIBSON, Thomas Andrew Corner Blair Street And Courtenay Place, Wellington Documents Registered     Date Barcode Description File Size Available Adoption/Amendment Of Constitution 24-APR-2008 10:49:44 Adoption/Amendment Of Constitution 1933.4 Kb     24-APR-2008 10:49:44 Application To Incorporate A Company   Consent Of Shareholder 24-APR-2008 10:49:44 30017630394 Consent Of Shareholder 36 Kb   Consent Of Director 24-APR-2008 10:49:44 30017630383 Consent Of Director 40.2 Kb   Click to download viewing software. Printed: Friday, 23rd October 2009 19:56:54