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Threat Assessment Unit visits activists in Wellington


A Wellington police officer has had a busy morning already. He has visited at least one house and one workplace enquiring if a protest was planned at the National Front flag raising ceremony. He identified himself as Detective Richard Grover from Wellington Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB). He said he was in the Threat Assessment Unit (TAU). Richard Grover was caught photographing a small animal rights protest against a restaurant serving foie gras (force-fed goose/duck liver) on 5th August 2009. When questioned by local cameraman Daryl Hunt about what he was doing, Grover initially denied any knowledge of the situation before admitting to taking photographs and hiding his camera in a grocery bag. Later that day when he was contacted at the Wellington Central Police Station and the realisation that his cover had been blown set in, he changed tact once again, this time denying even being at the protest.

According to the NZ Police website, “the Threat Assessment Unit investigates threats against police staff, judges and court staff and other investigative agency staff. They respond to counter-terrorist threats or situations. The unit also collects and analyses potential threats to New Zealand and visiting government politicians and officials.”

The TAU has harassed and surveilled activists for years. The story of animal rights activist Jesse Duffield is most chilling. Nicky Hager writes: “On October 2, 2003 World Farm Animal Day a group of young Aucklanders held a protest at the Tegel Foods offices about treatment of chickens. They scattered some hay on the floor of the reception area and 23-year-old school teacher Jesse Duffield delivered a protest letter. Police documents estimate the cost of cleaning up the hay was $111 plus GST. However, early the next morning, detectives raided Duffield's home. He was arrested roughly and charged with home invasion (maximum 10 years' prison) and intentional damage (maximum seven years' prison). Police opposed him getting bail and later imposed a 9pm-6am curfew. Meanwhile his car was impounded for a week and his house searched by detectives. They seized his computer and mobile phone, plus 100 floppy disks, posters off the walls and a T-shirt saying "GE, you are what you eat." These possessions were not returned for nine months.”

“The only rational explanation for their actions was intelligence collecting. The police eventually dropped their absurd charges but they'd got hundreds of thousands of emails and texts to build a profile of the animal rights groups. The detective who led the raid, Mike Paki, was not a normal CIB officer, but a police intelligence officer from the Auckland Threat Assessment Unit who was surprise, surprise studying animal rights and other protest groups. It appears police were working their way through activist groups looking for security threats. It's not hard to see where such ideas would come from.”

Since Operation 8, the state-terror raids of 15th October 2007, we know how closely the TAU and the Special Investigation Groups (SIG) of Aaron Pascoe work together. Richard Grover had involvement in Operation 8 too (and so did Mike Paki who is mentioned above).

If you want to contact Richard Grover: (04) 496 3415, 0274 946 332,


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This flea pit was raiding houses in Wellington in October 2007, he's a contant liar and not to be trusted. In that regard he has a lot in common with Mr Aaron Pascoe and is part of the Wellington branch Special Investigation Group.

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