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Paint the Complaint: (PN) Equity for fatherhood


The Palmerston North, Paint the Complaint protest, on 2 October was successful.

While the numbers of public at the Palmerston North Court were not high on a Friday, the support from those public around was obvious.  Protesters were held in long and engaging conversations with some public and asked relevant questions from a genuinely interested story taking photographer.

The matter that could not be reported was the unlawful publication by Benjamin Easton of a Family Court case that was the primary subject of the protest. The statement of claim Easton has filed in Easton v Family Court (not his case but that of a local), is highly sensitive, where the proceedings against the Palmerston North registry is an alleged 'proof' of gender discrimination and bias against men and fatherhood as exists within that jurisdiction of family law.

A second ‘Paint the Complaint’ protest will be held in Waitakere City sometime in the near future. This protest will not be announced publicly, conveyed to the media instead only on the morning of its event.

It is guaranteed that there will be a far greater number of attendee protesters at the Waitakere Paint the Complaint.        

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