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New defence policy delivered to Minister


New defence policy delivered to Minister

An anti-war protest crashed Associate Minister of Defence Heather Roy’s consultation meeting over the new defence policy in Upper Hutt this afternoon. Four women interrupted Heather Roy’s speech to demand an end to New Zealand’s involvement in Afghanistan.

The government has been hosting ‘consultation’ meetings across the country for the last month in anticipation of issuing a new defence ‘white paper’ which will chart out the course of the defence forces and defence procurement over the next decade. On this final meeting, local anti-war activists decided to take their suggestions for a new New Zealand defence policy along.

The new policy has four points:

-Disband the SAS

-Sell the frigates

-Close the spybases

-Get out of Afghanistan

Along with a bloody presentation of the new policy to the minister, the women demanded to know just exactly what the three NZDF troops were doing when they wrote on a bomb. Since, at the time this happened, New Zealand was only meant to have a provincial reconstruction team in Bamiyan Province and two staff officers at Bagram AFB, the presence of these soldiers at a site loading bombs is perplexing to say the least. Needless to say, the minister did not provide any insight into these activities.

On a related note, the site of armed troops rolling through Wellington in armoured vehicles two weeks ago in preparation for duties involving providing security from Kabul airport deserves explanation. Since again, the NZDF’s involvement has been as a reconstruction team far away from Kabul, and the recent deployment of the SAS who would not be conducting such duties, we wonder just exactly who these troops are and what they are doing. 

Which leads us back to the new defence policy. The first and foremost item on the policy agenda for the NZDF must be to get out of Afghanistan. The original justification for the invasion – to catch the ‘terrorist’ bin Laden – gave way to purported aims of bringing freedom, democracy and rights for women which has also lost out to a preference for providing ‘stability’ for the region in the form of Hamid Karzai’s corrupt puppet government . It is not without a certain irony that one could note pretty good ‘stability’ under the previous Taliban government, just one not willing to do business with Washington.

The US commander-in-chief is demanding more troops for this bloody escapade, bringing total troop numbers to 113,000. At the height of the soviet occupation, there were 115,000 troops in Afghanistan. This war is and has been a disaster for the people of Afghanistan. It seems unlikely to end without sustained action to ‘bring the war home’ and make the occupiers feel the pain and suffering they are causing.


Cool action

Good on you for doing this, hope the policy is adopted :)

"their strategy was actually to avoid the public"

Once the protest left, there were only 8 members of the public at the meeting, leaving more 'officials' than audience. This was mirrored at the previous meeting in New Plymouth with a total of 11 people in the audience and I imagine numbers were similar everywhere.
Given their resources one can reasonably assume that their strategy was actually to avoid the public rather than engage with them. With the frugal advertising and the fact that majority of the meetings were scheduled between 1 and 5:30pm weekdays, they have successfully managed to avoid the people they alleged they wanted to 'consult' with.
I believe the protest reflects the true views of a majority of the community.

Good action!  Thanks :D

Good action!  Thanks :D

New defence policy delivered to Minister - Video

Very articulate and well

Very articulate and well spoken, Val.  Heather Roy looked pretty silly!

I think that whole clip is a

I think that whole clip is a great little bit of theatre, the most telling moment being Heather Roy's awkward silence in response to Val's challenge.

Bit hypocritical for her to

Bit hypocritical for her to be protesting about guns and violence isn't it.

Btw, is that a lady with a mo!


I think people are allowed to

I think people are allowed to oppose NZ's support for the war on Afghani civilians, just my opinion though.

That is a moustache on a lady

That is a moustache on a lady (assuming it is female, hard to tell).

Nice action

It's always good to make it more difficult for the government to continue with the pretence- nice work!


Double and redouble the numbers

Encouraging viewing like this should get a few more thinkers out of and off their couches: Great challenge Valerie & others - a great challenge!!!


Kind regards,

Benjamin Easton

LAOS New Zealand