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Protest at Greece Embassy


Today, a group of no-border activists visited the Greek Embassy in Wellington and delivered a letter to the Ambassador demanding the immediate closure of the Pagani detention centre and voicing general outrage at the Greek government's treatment of refugees.

Initially, the Greek state had both the activists and the police fooled by having recently shifted their embassy to another address (the police were still guarding the old address). Then, at the correct address, we were told by Nico, the  embassy secretary that the ambassador was out, so we had a chat with Nico and delivered the letter to him instead. He assured us that he was well aware of the appalling condition under which refugees were detained on Lesvos and other places and of the no-border camp currently taking place. However, he wasn't prepared to join in on our protest.

In the meantime, activists in Pagani have occupied the roof of the jail to emphasize their demands to shut down the detention centre completely.


From bbc news...

Bomb hits Athens stock exchange

A bomb has exploded outside the Athens stock exchange, slightly injuring a female passer-by and damaging the building, police say.

The bomb - which set fire to several cars - was hidden in a stolen van.

Another bomb went off outside a government building in Thessaloniki, causing minor damage and no injuries.

The blasts may be the work of a Greek extremists' group, Revolutionary Struggle, says the BBC's Malcolm Brabant in Athens.

Earlier this year the group claimed responsibility for two bombs aimed at the American Citibank group.

Flying glass

A warning of the Athens explosion was telephoned to a local newspaper, enabling police to seal off the area in the west of Athens before the bomb went off.

Police initially said it had caused only minor damage. But later reports said windows at the bourse had been blown out, and a neighbouring car dealership had been damaged along with nearby trees and parked cars.

One passing woman was slightly injured by flying glass.

The bomb in Thessaloniki caused minor damage around the ministry responsible for Greece's two northern provinces of Macedonia and Thrace.

In a letter to a satirical newspaper, Revolutionary Struggle had promised more attacks against economic targets.

It said: "We need to rid ourselves for good of all the scum of economic and political power so that humanity can free itself from these criminals."

Greece has been dogged by unrest since police shot a teenager last December.

The death sparked the country's worst riots in decades, leading to clashes between police and protesters in the weeks that followed.