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Stop The Immigration Bill!


Protest against Labour's Immigration Bill.

Capital moves freely, why shouldn't workers?

Labour's Immigration Amendment Bill would allow for arbitrary and indefinite detention. While in keeping with our history of Dawn Raids and the detention of Ahmed Zaoui, this is an atrocity, condemned by the Human Rights Commission and others.

The Workers Party is preparing a submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review concerning workers' rights and this bill in particular.

The bill has not yet passed. In advance of the elections, time to make sure Labour & co know what we think of it.

WELLINGTON 12pm, Sunday 2 November

Parliament Buildings

Molesworth Street

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Re: Stop The Immigration Bill!

I think people need to remember both Labour and National support this horrible Bill. It is a good example to give when explaining to others how reactionary (and similar) the two main parties are.

Re: Stop The Immigration Bill!

Hi there, has anyone got a link to the actual text of the bill? Just so I can read myself. Cheers, Ben.

Re: Stop The Immigration Bill!

Open borders for all working people! The only restrictions to immigration should be applied to capitalists.

Re: Stop The Immigration Bill!

When companies import cheap labour from the third worlds those individuals are in fact exploited. It is a compelling offer if you’re in third world. At the same time, the local unemployed is denied the right to jobs because of lower wages. Greed is still managing economic production especially in Agriculture, Vineyards, some Manufactures, and Fonterra. All of a sudden the rights of the third worlds cheap labours are justified by having small hands and nimble fingers, their small size that makes it easier to minimise costs and easier to accommodate in cardboard boxes. It is similar to those sweat shops and Nike shoes...
It is a massive violation of human rights.

Re: Stop The Immigration Bill!

Ahmed Zaoui has appeared on a islamic website endorsing ACT party. Have a look.