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Clashes in Kanaky: USTKE calls one-day general strike


RNZI has reported that the Union of Kanaky and Exploited Workers (USTKE) in Kanaky/New Caledonia will hold a one-day general strike tomorrow as 22 of its members are due in court appealing jail sentences for their role in the clashes with police in Noumea in January. [ USTKE ]

The USTKE is committed to struggling against capitalism and colonialism in the south Pacific and is amongst the most militant of unions in the Pacific. It combines industrial and political action in an island that is still a colony of France and for decades indigenous people and workers have struggled for self-determination.

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Re: Clashes in Kanaky: USTKE calls one-day general strike

Bloody awesome feature bro, Tautoko Kanaky Tautoko USTKE, with struggle intensifying all over the Pacific at the moment, there seems to be a deafening silence about the life and death struggles against colonialism/capitalism, nicely contained, co-opted or squashed and criminalized by the neoliberal puppets who pretend to be governments but are just the bully boys and pimps for Transnationals.
Some tutoko from the unions of nz & oz would be great.
Tautoko Kanaky Tautoko USTKE
Kia kotahi ra Te Moananui a Kiwa

Re: Clashes in Kanaky: USTKE calls one-day general strike

The workers state is necessary if the workers wish to build the correct planned society for the good of all the peoples. The present bosses state is known for using unjust wars, and illegal violence to suppress the workers. Such a contested area has yet to win, so the workers who are the majority can set the laws and society in favour of their just demands for liberation from all forms of Imperialist-capitalist oppression. Viva socialist liberation. End pollution wars, not endless wars for more pollution.