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PHILIPPINES: Scrap the Visiting Forces Agreement now!


The secret Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) document exposed by Sen. Joker Arroyo is the latest in a string of arguments to hang the iniquitous agreement. The secret document is an insult that adds to the injury of Daniel Smith’s contempt of our justice system.

The VFA must be scrapped now. It was ratified by the Senate in 1999 and 10 years of an unequal treaty is much too long already. This secret document is slap in the face of the Philippine Senate and Filipino people since it was hidden from public knowledge. The Senate cannot waste any time in abrogating the VFA.

From the very start the VFA was one-sided. While it was approved by the Philippine Senate, the US Senate did not ratify it. Thus even its status as a bilateral treaty is questionable.

Now this secret document shows as clear as day that the VFA violates diplomatic principles of reciprocity and mutuality. An American GI who has committed a crime, like Daniel Smith, can enjoy the comforts of their embassy but a Filipino soldier can only be incarcerated in a US jail as provided for by this secret paper.

This episode of the VFA secret document and Daniel Smith’s case should be transformed into an opportunity to reorient out foreign policy. Just like how the global crisis and its deleterious impact on our economy should be an occasion for a paradigm shift in our economic model.

The VFA is no different from the unequal Military Bases Agreement and the WTO is similar to the neocolonial Parity Rights treaty. The military policy of the US seeks to advance its economic agenda not our national interests. It is high time to chart an independent foreign policy together with a development model predicated on local industrialization.

February 20, 2009
Renato Magtubo



Re: PHILIPPINES: Scrap the Visiting Forces Agreement now!

The time after 1945, marked by the return of the U.S. military to occupy the Phillipines there resumed the old unity and struggle of the Peoples of the Filipines for their independence and freedom from foreign domination of their country. The Huks had just moved dwith the people to celebrate the great victory over Japanese fascist occupation, and now had to contend with the arrival of the U.S. Imperialist troop occupation. This was not a new struggle at all to the Philipinos, who with a liberation army defeated the Spanish Empires troops from 1896-98 only to have the U.S. Empires troops land in Manilla, and take the Spanish pocessions now in the hands of the Philipine people, out and give it back to the Spanish, which meant that instead of having defeated one empire and its possession of the Philipnes it had now two empires to contend with at double the exploitation rate, and the U.S. Imperialist troopers exacted the heaviest toll of lives and property of any foreign occupying army. In Manilla alone they murdered 450,000 liberation Pilipinos (98-02) including all males over the age of ten. This was not a liberation but a re-conquest of the most heavy kind. Lenin says this was not only a colonizing war, it was a conquest of the most heavy cost in lives and property. Empire heavy, and so the Philipinos moved back and thus began a protracted war for genuine independence and freedom that is in continuity with the present unity and struggle which is the present fight in the Philipines today. One example of the depth of the conquest can be measured by the statistics that by 1925, over one million Philipinos had been killed by the U.S. Imperialist troops in occupation. The racist slurs of these occupyers were such that the locals were not of the same specie but were yellow dwarfs to be eliminated if they resisted and did not submit to American domination. From each and every generation however, the Philipinos fought back and learned as they went how and with what timing, so they would eventually win and defeat all occupation of their country from foreign militaries and win genuine independence and freedom. During the 1940, 50,60,70,80,90, and into the new millenium this fight back has not ceased, only taken on new forms, methods and organizations. However, to mark a great victory for the Phillipinos was the fight back against Ferdinand Marcos, a U.S. Puppet fascist dictator who fought for the rich oligarchy faithful to the foreign occupation by the U.S. Military. In this foul deed he murdered 200,000 local people. By the time of his overthrow and the unity and struggle that brought the new alliance of the people of the Phillipines managed to bring into being a new constituion which stipulated that there could be no foreign troops stationed in the Phillipines--that is the law.. That is the peoples law and content of their fight for genuine freedom and democracy. The trouble is in that constituion there was a loop hole that says there could be a Visiting Forces Agreement, whereby for short period foreign forces could stay for a short spell. Well the U.S. Troops went home from Subic Bay, and Clark air Force base (used by them to illegally bomb the peoples of Indo-China), Finally a breathing space to turn to winning the new society, a breathing space to elect woman equally which the empire never allowed (Gabriela). No such luck, though as in a short time along comes Bush, and his encircle China, Vietnam, and Korea N. with nuclear weapons to stop the spread of communism a direct order from Hitler, and take back for the empire all the resources that the freedom and independence forces liberated to the Phillipine peoples. thusly sought to undue the hard fought for victories of the liberation fighters and peoples. During this time of fight back and unity and struggle the peoples side used their new organizations to carry through their just cause and fight to the end. The main united front is the national democratic front of the Phillipines NDFP's and the Communist Party of the Phillipines--CPP, and the New Peoples Army all of which are in solidarity and support of the peoples struggles for a genuine independent and free phillipines(resore the matriarchy). In opposition to this new material truth , is the puppet forces controlled by the U.S. Military who are recently back with over five thousand troops who are supplying the Arroyo Puppet Government, the National Police of the Philipines, and the National Army of the Phillipines with modern sophisticated weapons of mass destruction. Recently the U.S. Military who have long overstayed their VFA visiting rights and settled in for years now and are therefore illegally occupying the Phillipine nation and breaking the orginal content of the Phillipine constitution which explicitly states that there can be no foreign toops stationed in the Phillipines. That is the true national lawlessness of the present comprdore puppet regime and the true international lawlessness of the present illegal occupation of the Phillipines by the U.S. Empires troopers who are not welcome by the vast majority of the people. In truth the National democratic front of the Phillipines, the New Peoples army, and the communist party of the Phillipines have won over 70% of the countryside and the puppet troops and government hold only a contested 30% and being the poor losers that they are, the U.S. Military and its weapons supplied colonial troops are call the Philipine peoples victory, "terrorists". How is that for standing the truth on its head. U.S. Imperialism has the gaul and affrontry to call the Phillipine peoples organizations that are working and uniting in all forms of necessary stuggle to win back their freedom and independence from foreign military occupation which has killed millions of their citizens as if they are the terrorists. That big lie will go down next to Goebells and his if you tell a lie long enough and repeat it over and over then the people will believe it. Well on the approach to their comming liberation all true revolutionaries and peoples should welcome dwith cheers, dancing and celebrations, the end of U.S. Imperialist state sponsored terrorism in the Phillipines, and recongnize it for what it is, the reactionary army of suppression and exploitation of the peoples of Asia and its hidden agenda of killing communism just as the axis powers planned. No Pasaran!! Defeat the VFA and end the foreign military occupation and state terrorism sponsored by the U.S. Imperialist military. Long live the free and independant peoples of Asia. In order to honour the Phillipine fighters against Japanese fascism which numbered approx. 250,000 it would be well to remember the anti-fascist covenants such as the Nuremburg Trials (1945) chaired by the U.S. Judge Jackson who wrote that the planning and doing of aggressive war is the supreme international crime on the planet earth, in that it acctuates all other crimes high, low, big and small. He furthers says that it is the supreme international crime whether Germany does it or the U.S.A. does it. The war crimes against Asia by the worlds international treaties carried out by U.S. Imperialism are of the nature of the worst supreme international crimes on the planet and they are to be found guilty and tried yet and those responsible held to justice internationallly. These crimes of treaty that are signed on to by the U.S.A. and the U.S. Constitution says that international treaties signed on to by the U.S.A. are to be treated as the supreme laws of their land. The present regimes since Lincoln are not living up to the U.S. Constitution which they are sworn to uphold, protect and defend. In fact eugenetics as a racist practice has emerged which breaks the U.S. Constitution. It is not ancient history or herstory since the new coinage of the English language came up with these new hateful categories of gooks, geeks, chinks, yellow dwarfs, and japs are beauts to be found as new additions to the American lexicon way to describe the people who are of one specie , which because of geographical isolation isolation has four races of same species people in it. Now look at its deeds, five million Koreans Killed, two million Phillipinos, Five million Indo-Chinese, 9,000,000 Chinese citizens approx. This is not liberation forces but the blind killing of communists, workers,peasants,students, etc. and the genuine democratic and independence forces. The only necessary part that Peoples China wants is mutually beneficial trade, and not extaterritorial rights which Smith the rapist of Phillipina women enjoys under U.S. Imperialist puppet colonial laws that the VFA is in place to provide. The simple truth be told, both the Chinese people and the Phillipino peoples are approaching victory and will win in their just cause of explelling all polluting empires from their soils. It is entirely just to remove the VFA with such poor losers taking advantage of loop holes. The U.S. troopers in Indo-China were such poor losers that they refused to give back the minefield keys to the peoples of Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam, the consequence of which over 64,000 children, women, men, and elders have been killed and wounded since they fled the million workers and peasants red army of Vietnam in 1975. That is the true meaning of state terror being defeated by the armed people of which the Geneva Conventions of war, the anti-fascist side hails as the resistence and legitimate forces of liberation from foreign occupation and supreme purveyors of international war crimes. U.S. Imperialism heads all those categories of lying and fascist terror with its now bragged about missing WMD. The peoples of the world must and are even now setting up the national and international courts that will find and finally defeat the whole Euro-centric terror globally. It is only a matter of time and all U.S. troops must leave all the countries they have invaded and occupied (the supreme international crime says their constitution), to which Mao-Tse-Tung a second world war anti-fascist fighter agrees, and the end of Empire is assured, however long it takes. The world now finds if necessary to re-tool the entire industial revolution because of excessive polution. That should be done by trade union consious workers and the path to liberation is there with wind, tidal, and solar power which transforms to electricity and ends with the empires, the polluted rule of coal, gas, oil, and atomic energy. U.S. Imperialism get out of the Phillipines with your polluting aggressor troops. Victory to the liberation fronts of the peoples movements in the Phillipines. Workers of all countries, unite!!