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Basin Reserve flyover ‘a 21st century Easter Island statue’ - RAM


Media Release
RAM – Residents Action Movement
31 October, 2008

Basin Reserve flyover ‘a 21st century Easter Island statue’


RAM Wellington Central candidate Grant Brookes and environment spokesperson Michelle Ducat took part in a 50-strong protest outside the Greater Wellington Regional Council at 12.30pm today.

The protest was organised in opposition to this week’s Regional Council decision to begin construction on a new motorway flyover at the Basin Reserve in 2011-12.

“79 percent of the people making submissions were against the Basin Reserve flyover”, said Michelle Ducat. “RAM stands with the people.

“Each new road simply moves traffic congestion somewhere else, creating the need for yet another new road.

“The real price-tag for the flyover won’t be the Council’s figure of $33 million but over $200 million, including the new Mt Victoria Tunnel that will be ‘needed’ next if it’s built.”

“The politicians talk about climate change, but Labour and National agree that what the country needs is more motorways”, said Grant Brookes. “They’re like a drinker who realises there’s a problem, but thinks it’s OK to have ‘just one

“RAM stands for a people’s movement, independent of the LabNat politicians, for humanity and our ecology.

“The government should scrap new motorway plans and plough the money into free and frequent public transport to tackle the twin perils of climate change and the end of affordable oil.

“Unless we do this, monstrous motorway construction projects like the Basin Reserve flyover could become the 21st century equivalent of the Easter Island statues – monuments to a dead civilization.”

RAM is contesting the 2008 general election with a party list of 26 candidates, including Michelle Ducat and Grant Brookes, and 11 electorate candidates, including Grant Brookes.

For more information, contact:

Michelle Ducat
RAM environment spokesperson
michelle at
(021) 057 4615

Grant Brookes
RAM Wellington Central candidate
grant_brookes at
(027) 203 3534



RAM press release a "14th century snorefest"

RAM, an unpopular front of the Bored Left, issued another press release today that changed world history. They are expected to get over 67 million votes and lead a secret socialist revolution by boring the bourgeoisie to death. -ends.

Re: Basin Reserve flyover ‘a 21st century Easter Island statue’

This is not funny. RAM, as you know is a popular front, encompassing multiple different people and parties. AFter all, the Federation of Islamic Associations of NZ, FIANZ, has decided to endorse Iqbal Mujeeb kharatullah as the RAM candidate.

Re: Basin Reserve flyover ‘a 21st century Easter Island statue’

Easter Island statues are cool, and the culture that created them isn't dead - despite the best efforts of the colonialists.

Sam Buchanan

Re: Basin Reserve flyover ‘a 21st century Easter Island statue’

What Sam said. There's some pretty nasty myths around the history of 'Easter Island' which anthropologists and the people of Rapa Nui
have been trying to get rid of decades. I blogged about the Greens' use of this racist discourse a couple of years ago:
Depressing to see RAM buying into the nonsense.