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Ngāi Tūhoe signs Terms of Negotiation


Ngāi Tūhoe entered the beehive with around 500 people on Thursday for the signing of the Terms of Negotiations for their historical Waitangi Tribunal claims. When entering the semi-circular banquet hall, a haka - Te Pūru - was chanted. The formal proceedings were done with Te Ati Awa kawa. Two Te Ati Awa kaumata did a whaikōrero followed by Minister of Māori Affairs, Parekura Horomia. Then a speaker of Ngāi Tūhoe responded. He talked about the colonial invasions in the 1860s and 1916 and the confiscation of land aswell as the state terror raids last October. Michael Cullen, Minister of Minister in Charge of Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations, addressed Ngāi Tūhoe. "I would also like to briefly acknowledge that less than a year ago the events at Ruatoki provided a fresh point of tension in our relationship. It would not be appropriate or helpful for me to comment on the merits of the events of last October. I know emotions are still raw and opinions strongly held. But I am very pleased that less than a year later we are able to join together to show that it is the future that is first and foremost on the minds of Ngai Tuhoe."

However, the actions of Te Weeti Tihi during the signing itself show that Ngāi Tūhoe has not forgotten the raids last year, nor the confiscation, the scorched earth campaigns and murder in previous years. Te Weeti, who was arrested on 15th October 2007 when he challenged police setting up their roadblock on the confiscation line just out of Rūātoki, refused to shake hands with Michael Cullen and instead showed him his middle finger.

Tāmati Kruger, chairperson of Te Kotahi ā Tūhoe Trust said there would be some sensitive issues in negotiations that could create "unease" for the Crown. "I think the tricky issues are around Tuhoe's desire and wish to have Te Urewera National Park regarded as part of our territory. The second one that would be difficult for the Crown would be discussions over self government, over mana motuhake and sovereignty." He said that he has recently met with Police Commissioner Howard Broad to settle out of court over last year's state terror raids. It is rumored that Broad will visit Te Urewera in October this year - or in Tame Iti's words: "Broadband is coming to Rūātoki."

Tame Iti gave Michael Cullen a taiaha during the ceremony. "Te rākau nei, kei te haere ki te minita, mo te hoki mai o te whenua, ko Te Mana Motuhake ō Tūhoe. Ae, me whakawhiti korero tātou, ko Te Mana Motuhake ō Tūhoe kia hoki mai a Te Urewera. ko te kaupapa nui inaianei, me pehea, me aha?"

After the signing of dozens of Tūhoe, Te Pūru was chanted again. A hākari was held at Pipitea Marae.

Police were also at the beehive. Two cops of the Strategic Response Group, which are used to police all major demonstrations, were present. One was Constable Harding who is well-known in activists circles (see photo).

October 15th Solidarity Public Meeting

The Wellington October 15th Solidarity group had organised a public meeting for 31st July in Newtown under the title Dawn raids - 9 months on… A wider look at the raids of October 15th 2007 had to be changed in format due to the unavailability of the advertised speakers. Instead, Tame Iti Huka Williams and Te Weeti Tihi talked about the raids on Tūhoe last year and giving background information on the process of Tūhoe's Waitangi Tribunal negotiations.

Te Pūru

Tena i poua
ko te puru - ko te puru koa
aha whakatanatana ki runga
whakatanatana ki raro
e kore te ora e tae mai i ki konei i t e ture
o te mate pukawautia koa
aha te - aha ta - aha tau
aha te riri eko nga ngirangira
ko nga hotahota
o te whitau tapahia a e ho!
ka awheaawhea te rua tamariki a e ho!
nau ano i whai mai ki aku nui a e ho!
i kite ai koe - a e ho!
i taku taurape - a e ho!
i te ra rua o te tara o te whitau tapahia
a e ho - hi!


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Government apologizes to Tuhoe - watch video here:

Re: Ngāi Tūhoe signs Terms of Negotiation

Kei te pai, Te Weeti!

na keri

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"aha te riri eko nga ngirangira"

Should be

"aha te riri e

ko nga ngirangira"

Re: Ngāi Tūhoe signs Terms of Negotiation

Tuhoe mana motuhake on the table

Ngai Tuhoe claimant Tame Iti says mana motuhake and sovereignty issues are definitely on the table in treaty talks with the Crown.

The activist and artist, who is currently on bail on firearms charges stemming from last October's police raids in the eastern Bay of Plenty, was at Parliament yesterday with other Tuhoe claimants to sign terms of negotiation.

He says the government must now face up to issues which he and others have tried to raise for years, such as ownership of the tribe's Urewera heartland and its distinct consitutional status.

"Not very long ago members of government were calling me and Tuhoe that we were in cuckoo-land to believe Tuhoe is able to get into a discussion about this issue about Tuhoe as a nation within a nation. That's not going to happen. He's dreaming. Yesterday, that is not a dream, it's a reality," Mr Iti says.

A taiaha he presented to Michael Cullen, the Minister of Treaty Negotiations, was used at the battle of Gate Pa, and he expects it to come back when agreement is reached.