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So what¹s coming in the next issue? Well, we could be looking for the actor that lies in all of us. Or we may build a human rights house together - witheither bricks or bytes. That¹s all we're saying for now, you will just haveto wait and see!

Dear readers,

This issue is about jobs, blogs, tools and funding. What more could you want? We hope you'll enjoy it.

Table of contents

1. New job service for human rights professionals

2. Do you blog about human rights?

3. New or noteworthy tools and resources
- Brookings: Guide to International Human Rights Mechanisms for IDPs and
Their Advocates
- ICHRP: Human Rights Standards: Learning from Experience
- OHCHR: collection of rule-of-law tools for post-conflict states

4. Funding opportunity: Echoing Green Fellowship



We consulted our website statistics and discovered that the most popular section was our Career Center, and in particular the links to the human rights job listings.

We also realized that visitors to Human Rights Tools (in other words: you) are a very valuable group of people for human rights recruiters. This is because our visitors (again: you) are primarily human rights professionals looking for tools and resources. They are passionate about their jobs, curious, and want to keep themselves up to date. They are not necessarily actively looking for a job -- and of course, tend to be exactly the type of person that recruiters are trying to reach.

So we decided to improve the Career Center, and have just finished setting up a brand new job section, which lists job announcements for human rights professionals:

Click on the link below to get email alerts of every job announcement the minute it is published:

We also strongly explore the lists of links on the left side of the page.
They don't look like much, but through them you will access all the best job announcements, coming from websites dedicated exclusively to human rights, but also civil society jobs listings or United Nations vacancy pages. If you are currently on the search for your next challenge, make sure to bookmark this page so you can return to it easily.

Please also forward this email to your friends and colleagues. Even if they are not looking for a job right now, they will appreciate to see what jobs are currently on offer and what skills are in demand.

Also please send it to your human resources department, as they may also want to post their vacancies on our jobs bulletin board.


If you have a human rights blog, please let us know. We will list it on a special page called "Human Rights Bloggers Community", and add it to our public Bloglines account. All blogs are welcome, personal or institutional. Even if your blog is not 100% about human rights, send it anyway. Simply reply to this email with your URL!

Our friends at have given us this idea (thanks Tom!), and its a great one:


ICHRP: Human Rights Standards: Learning from Experience〈=AN

This latest ICHRP report, fresh off the press, provides a guide for NGOs and advocates wishing to pursue new human rights standards. It makes the useful distinction between the three types of protection gap which make new standards desirable: "normative", "application" and "supervisory". It takes us through the roles of the different actors, the different bodies and organisations where standard-setting takes place, and the work processes. However the most useful part, from a practical point of view, is the collection of strategically and tactical advice given in the the conclusion: from developing a bottom-up approach to building a long-term political strategy. The timing of the report is quite good too: the Human Rights Council is beginning its work, and it is useful to learn from past experiences in order to see how to improve in the future.

Brookings: Guide to International Human Rights Mechanisms for IDPs and Their

Intended for those who advocate for rights of internally displaced persons (IDPs), this 240-page Guide provides a comprehensive reference to the rights of IDPs, conveniently organized by theme. It also covers all the mechanisms available to advance IDPs rights, from the UN Human Rights Council, to the World Bank.

OHCHR: collection of rule-of-law tools for post-conflict states
A collection of five manuals:
- Vetting: an operational framework:

- Monitoring legal systems:

- Truth commissions:

- Mapping the justice sector:

- Prosecution initiatives:

Congratulations to OHCHR for a very good set of tools. Written by different authors, we found all to be of excellent quality. They answer the key questions: for example, the "Prosecution initiatives" helps with the following dilemmas: Whom to prosecute when faced with a myriad of suspects? How to deal with the impunity gap? They are practical concise and oriented towards the practitioner. If you are involved in reforming state institutions, you will no doubt want to download this collection.


Are you a social entrepreneur with an wonderful idea to realize? By applying for an Echoing Green Fellowship, you could receive up to $90,000 in seed funding and support to launch a new organization that turns your idea into action. You will find details on their website, here:

But are you an entrepreneur? Do you have the personality traits? Read this page to see what a social entrepreneur really looks like:

(OK, they forgot to mention the over-sized ego!)

Not every applicant will receive a grant of course! To put all the chances on your side, Jeremy Schifeling, who wrote to us about this fellowship, says its really important to put the time and effort into crafting the best application you can. A good way to start is by doing their online pre-application questionnaire, which will give you a pretty good idea of what they are looking for:

And while you're visiting, be sure to browse through their case study section, you can be sure to find some useful tips and advice, on fundraising in particular. And read about the work of previous Fellowship recipients, they will also inspire you.

Even if you don't get the fellowship, you will not regret having put in the effort, because it will have forced you to clarify your thinking about your dream project, and hopefully you will have produced some good quality text which you can use in other applications. Initial ideas always sound great when we talk about them, but its only when we try to put them into writing that we can work out the inconsistencies and produce something that really holds water.

In fact, even of you don't apply this website will still be useful to you.
Most of us are going through their strategic planning exercises right now.
Well if you are planning a weekend retreat with your colleagues to strategize about the future of your organization (what fun!), then the application form will give ten very interesting questions to explore. Management consultants will make you pay a lot for these questions - Echoing Green gives them to us for free:

If you apply, don't wait until the last minute - start preparing now (deadline 1 December).

So what¹s coming in the next issue? Well, we could be looking for the actor that lies in all of us. Or we may build a human rights house together - with either bricks or bytes. That¹s all we're saying for now, you will just have to wait and see!

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