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Is Act's new vice President a fascist?


New Act vice-President Trevor Loudon has a history of connections with extreme right-wing groups, including ZAP or Zenith Applied Philosophy, an organisation that denied the Holocaust and believed that Don Brash was a Soviet agent.

Act's weird links

So the Act party has some new people on board.
One is the new vice president Trevor Loudon, who can be found here:

The remarkable thing about this person's blog is the intricate obsessive detail about everyone who has ever been seen on a protest march.

For example, Joss Debreceny is some PR flack no one has ever heard of who has a job at TVNZ. Watch how he is smeared by Act with contorted guilt by association:

The same year he was involved in a protest with John Moore and Felix Geiringer, against National Party Cabinet Minister, Bill Birch's visit to the Otago Campus.

Incidentally, Geiringer is the son of the late arch radical, doctor Erich Geiringer and Dr Carol Shand. That makes him the grandson of the late Tom Shand, a former National Cabinet Minister, who allegedly joined the Communist Party in his youth.

Gosh. Once an alleged commie, always a commie then. Even Nat ministers.

In July 1992, Debreceny travelled to Melbourne with Matt McCarten. The pair represented Jim Anderton's New Labour Party at the conference of the Marxist youth group, "Resistance". Debreceny spoke about the student left in NZ.
Right. Mmmmkay. Anyone is guilty of subversive behaviour if they have ever addressed a foreign student group (apparently there are some that aren't Marxist. Go figure!)

There is more. Much more. Screeds and screeds of character smears and assassination. The man who is now Act VP apparently keeps files on every person in the country who has been active in something he considers 'left wing'. He calls himself a libertarian. The liberal party is now run by someone who seeks political power by carefully tracking the movement and behaviour of each perceived opponent.

Is that a little scary?

One of his smear targets was the Greens' Russell Norman, who has posed some interesting questions about Act's new leadership. Among them, he asks about this person's links to a truly weird-arse right wing group known as Zenith Applied Philosophy. These cranks (who apparently now have the leadership of a parliamentary party for crying out loud!) are holocaust deniers who believe the Business Roundtable and Don Brash fronted for pro-Soviet activities.

Just to recap, Russell's pertinent questions to the Act Vice President include:

Have you ever been a member of, or associated with, ZAP - Zenith Applied Philosophy? What was your involvement?

Do you believe that the holocaust happened?

Is your blog ?New Zeal? named after the magazine of the same name published in the late 1980s by the Campaign for a Soviet Free New Zealand? What was your involvement in the New Zeal magazine?

Did you agree with the New Zeal editorial of April 1989 connecting Ron Trotter, the Todds and the Business Roundtable with pro-Soviet and pro-Stalinist activities such as leading business delegations to the USSR, and having other business connections such as selling ?Stalinist oil??

Do you still think that the Business Roundtable is a communist front group?

Did you agree with the July 1989 edition of New Zeal when it accused the Young Nats of being ?Marxianised? because they were addressed by a member of NZ Planning Council?

Do you still believe that being a member of the NZ Planning Council made you a Marxist, and if so does that mean that Don Brash is a closet marxist because he was a member of the Planning Council?

If Ron Trotter, Don Brash, the Todds and the Business Roundtable are all part of the communist conspiracy, then what the hell planet are you on?

Kooky. Seriously kooky.


Re: Is Act's new vice President a fascist?

from the comments boxes at:

For those of you who don't know, the ZAP was originally part of the fascist (yes, fascist in the Italian fascist sense of the word) Nationalist Workers Party in New Zealand before it split away in the early 80s. It was initially associated with Scientology (my understanding it was actually an 'exile' group of Scientologists from the main organisation with extreme right wing political viewpoints), and is now an arch-enemy of the Scientology Church...

Oliver is right - ZAP was originally a splinter from Scientology. The founder of ZAP (who's name escapes me right now) declared that his house was the centre of the universe. He also declared that he was the centre of the universe. I'm not quite sure how that works when he leaves the house, but I'm sure the ZAPérs can answer that...('Oliver')

Once upon a time, ZAPérs were spotted every day in Cathedral Square in Christchurch, serving out their "punishments" by doing such tasks as lecturing about the evils of communism while wearing only underwear.

Trevor is still denying that ZAP was part of the Nationalist Workers' Party, led by Kerry Bolton (the infamous Nazi later involved with the Fascist Union and NZ National Front, amongst other groups). I have an article from either the Dominion or the Evening Post which talks about ZAP's expulsion from the NWP - unfortunately, it is currently packed up in boxes waiting for me to unpack it when I have space again...however, if Trev continues to deny, I may have to have a good look through the boxes and try to find it.


Re: Is Act's new vice President a fascist?

One blogger has described Loudon as 'a cross between Senator McCarthy and a stalker'. I think that's a pretty good call. The guilt by association thing is classic McCarthyism. At the same time though, I'm not sure we should worry too much about the guy. It's another attempt by the crackpot right to import American political tactics and is probably not going to work. I simply can't see anyone other than a few ACT flakes sitting at the back of lectures writing down anything subversive the lecturer says.

Re: Is Act's new vice President a fascist?

Isn't it a concern if he has a history of Holocaust denial and support for apartheid?

Incidentally, new Act President Gary Mallett is also a bigot - he doesn't like gays. On the campaign rail in Hamilton last year he made a vomiting gesture when asked about his opinion of gays.

Re: Is Act's new vice President a fascist?

what does the Maori party say about this?

Re: Is Act's new vice President a fascist?

Gary Mullet!!! This is the guy who runs Hamilton's 'Les Mills World of Fatness' and buys the cover page of a local community paper every week for his ads and occasionally to slander green groups and promote GE as the wonder-cure for everything.

He is a munter. ACT is really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Perhaps all the really intelligent right-wingers are joining Labour just as they did in the late 70s/ early 80s?

Re: Is Act's new vice President a fascist?

Okay, granted, he's a right-wing crackpot, but my point was, to what extent does anyone take him seriously? The comments on his blog seem to be almost entirely the same few ACT diehards.

Re: Is Act's new vice President a fascist?

Having read the blog and the comments here about ZAP, I wonder why you think he is "scary". Surely it is encouraging to know that ACT are shooting themselves in the foot and alientating themselves even from other right wing nutters by appointing such fruit cakes.