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When is our media going to start looking at facts?


When is our media going to start looking at facts regarding the Peak Oil Crisis? The obvious truth of this crisis is far more important than protecting the shares of the giant oil companies. The truth over 9/11 is now screaming to be heard.

Quite apart from the excellent German engineers report. See ( ) There are three documentaries that I would highly recommend to all those of us still undecided on the 9/11 issue.

These three doco’s present firm evidence for suspicion over the whole incident. Probably the best of the three worth watching is “Confronting the Evidence.” The experts selected for this panel leave you in no doubt as to the Treason and pre-mediated murder that has taken place.

The second: Analyst and author, syndicated talk radio host, Alex Jones exposes the men behind the conspiracy, terrorism and takeover, in his " 9/11: the Road to Tyranny” I don’t think he has done sufficient homework on the Global Warming issue but 9/11 evidence is well presented.

The third is “9/11 In Plane Site” and I think you’ll agree, it is. There is now sufficient evidence in my view to show that there is far more to these “terrorist capers” than meets the eye.

The fact that Bush still refuses to release vital tapes and material to allow a full inquiry into the event is sufficient tell us they have something profoundly negative to hide.
Please make sure you view these three documentaries they are long but well worth the time. One thing’s for sure we’ll not see them aired on NZTV. This was clearly another Pearl Harbour, so for goodness sake lets get the truth out there before he decides a repeat performance in Iran.


Re: When is our media going to start looking at facts?

Unfortunately doc it is not "our" media, any more than AIM promotes "freespeech".

Re: When is our media going to start looking at facts?

The facts are they are all tools of a world system that is not working.We have a P.M and tourism N.Z that are out there telling lies to the world about our clean green more cover ups