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Students suffer...still



Students suffer under Labour government…still

Latest statistics from Studylink show that the number student’s eligible for a student allowance has continued to plummet.

Only 54,621 students received an allowance in the July to September Period, a 4,031 less than the same time last year. This is a 7% decrease.

This news comes a few weeks after Victoria University raised its domestic student fees by 5% across the board and 10% for humanities students.

Tomorrow the government is expected to pass in parliament its policy to scrap interest on student loans.

“While the government promises to give with one hand, it is taking with the other by letting fees increase and giving less students an allowance” says Nick Kelly.

With student debt hitting 8 billion dollars this year many students face a lifetime of debt. While students support getting rid of interest on student loans, this in itself is not enough.

“In 2006 students at Victoria will be campaigning for greater government funding for tertiary education” says Nick. “We want to stop the situation where students are forced to borrow to live and forced to pay ever increasing course fees”.


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Nick Kelly

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Office: (04) 463 6985


Re: Students suffer...still


Re: Students suffer...still

Massey has also applied for the maximum fee increase of 10%; despite the fact that from 1996-2004 the university brought in a huge surplus, which includes the 3 years when the govt imposed the fee freezes. The corporate university means that students are always going to be dicked by the drive for profit. When are students going to learn how to be properly fucked off again?

Re: Students suffer...still

maybe on Thursday, 9th March 2006 in Wellington...

Student demonstration starts at 12pm in the Quad (Victoria University)

Re: Students suffer...still

Is there a Massey EAG in Welly? If so I'd like to join.

Re: Students suffer...still

No I don't believe there is.

You are more than welcome to join the Vic one. You can subscribe to the e-mail list by sending a message to:

Also be keen to help set up an EAG at Massey Wellington.