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Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6711


I have written a formal complaint and sent it to Rob Robinson commisioner of police, I am also sending this letter to several other places, any suggestions are welcomed, I suggest anyone who was there does the same.

20 March 2005

Rob Robinson
Commissioner of Police
Police National Headquarters
PO Box 3017

Fax (04) 498 7400

Dear Mr Robinson,

re: Police Tactics in Auckland Anti-War Protest on Saturday 19th March 2005

I am writing to register a formal complaint concerning the police handling of a protest demonstration group held In Auckland city against the on-going illegal occupation of Iraq by foreign troops.
Specifically this complaint addresses the violent police action taken on the corner of Victoria street and Queen street on Saturday afternoon, with specific regard to the behaviour and actions of a police officer with the badge number 6711.

The protest began peacefully, beginning outside the United States consulate at 11 am. After initial briefing and unescorted by police the protesters headed up Queen street at approximately 11:20am. The protest was peaceful people were chanting etc. At approximately 11:30 the protesters headed into the ANZ bank on the corner of Queen st and Victoria street. While inside the building the protesters stood peacefully holding placards while listening to organisers speeches addressing the ANZ involvement with financial dealings with companies that finance the atrocities in Iraq. The Head staff of the ANZ acted rationally and politely called the police... no fuss was made. At approximately 12:00 Noon, members of Central Auckland police force entered the ANZ premises. The protesters let the police through and in no way blocked their entry to the building, after hearing a few more speeches, the protesters then left the ANZ onto the street where they then headed onto the Queen street/Victoria street intersection.

The protesters entered the street blocking a lane while the lights were on red, thus preventing further traffic flow. As the lights turned green, sensible drivers indicated and manoeuvred themselves onto the other available lanes, in a reasonable calm methodical way. However one young man, not much older than 20 years old accompanied by his partner in a green ute, insisted on driving at approximately 15k/ph into the crowd. The protesters at risk of being knocked over or injured (some of them have bruises on their shins) reacted by hitting the bonnet of the vehicle. The young man, now enraged exited the ute and was cautioned by an officer to get back into his vehicle. Instead of redirecting the vehicle the police chose to escort the ute through the crowd. I believe this to be a deliberate act of provocation from the Auckland police force as a means of provoking anger from an already volatile crowd, any body of rational thought can see that the most sensible responsible action to take would be to redirect the vehicle and take charge of the rally by then escorting it officially to it’s destination, thus preventing injury and potential accidents. Unfortunately a very deliberate strategical choice was made to direct the ute through the protesters as a means of insighting anger.

A young boy of 15 years ran up to the ute only to be thrown violently aside by a plain clothes senior sergeant (perhaps detective sergeant) who refused to give me his badge number but clearly carried a name tag that read ‘GJ.Powell’. From here on in things (like they said on the 6 o’clock news) got ugly. Police responding like a swarm began selectively arresting people, logically taking people they identified as ‘ring leaders’ as the protesters anger rose, the police began engaging in force that was in many cases life threatening, with officer 6711 brutally punching young women in the face and (as depicted on channel 3 news Sunday the 19th of March and aired across New Zealand) grabbing a teenage boys windpipe and throttling him, in full view of 3 News’s camera. When asked how he could do that in front of a news camera, when told he would be on TV he responded with a salacious smile...
“I don’t care. I don’t care.”

Personally It was this incident that had me the most disturbed. here as accompanying images confirm, is a man that clearly enjoys responding violently, and exercising his power as a New Zealand police officer in a way, in full view of the public, that is life threatening. I assume this officer has not been trained to respond with strangulation, yet I am wondering if this is in fact a common practise. If this is police practice it should be immediately abolished before somebody dies and yet another police scandal rocks our nation.

During this violent outburst of which 4 protesters were arrested, a camera was seized by a detective Lamont . The owner was told he could have his camera back after the protest, if he went and collected it from the police station. I believe this act is illegal and paramount to theft. I always thought the police defend law, not break it. So far I have described, assault, attempted murder and theft.

One would think that in the current political climate surrounding police behaviour, why the Auckland police force chose to reinforce it’s already negative public relations image as a brutal, torturous and socially irresponsible force.

Something needs to be done about this. Good people work inside the New Zealand police force, men and women that want to honour and protect their communities, yet more and more police officers are showing up the NZ police force as a petri-dish of a violent and despicable culture.

I trust you will respond with appropriate action and keep me informed upon reading this letter. I have also contacted the minister of police, several MP’s, the prime minister, and varying media outlets.


go Anna

Anna, I don't share your optimism about "good people inside the New Zealand police force" and I don't think it's "our nation" but that aside, a bloody good report and yes,why should we not be able to enter a bank and make comments about where it derives it's profits?.
What sort of a bank is it which can't cope with that civilised intervention?
The way I see it, as long as private property is sacrosant we will keep getting this shit.

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

and I quote, " Democracy is 2 wolves voting on a sheep for supper, Liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the Vote".

put guns to those lil kiwi pigs!

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

this guy has to get taken down, and the only way we can do this is to "make complaints through the usual process" - that's what the authoritative police woman in charge said. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to think many people will follow through, and is pretty bloody pompous about the whole thing -calling the situation "an absolute nothing" and siding with this officer's comment of "I don't care". Yuk.
We need to actually make a move on this dickhead and get him to lose his job - to make the issue be taken into proper evaluation. In yesterday's herald there was said to be a top barrister who was critical of the police brutality images from the previous night's news - but that seemed to be a lot of hot air. All he was seeming to say was he was concerned but not bothered about doing anything from there.
I think the best thing is if the police were flooded with individual letters of a strong, formal tone, expressing our revulsion, just like anna's done.

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

I think it'd be a better tactic to try and get the media onside. Cash in on the worry about the violent culture within the police force that was raised by those photos of cops with balaclavas on holding machetes. Give them a chance to run those pictures again, next to the pictures of '6711' choking the protestors. Embrarras the police into having to do something about it.

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

Great work, Anna. The police at the Wellington protest also used the stranglehold on myself and at least three other protestors during our fantastic 'de-arrest', so you're correct in speculating that this is a recurrent and deliberate act by the Gang in Blue.
I've had a complaint upheld against a police officer about inappropriate behaviour resulting in him being suspended from policing protests and black marked for four years - hopefully this one will go a step further and get the bastard sacked - preferably loudly and publically. The more noise we make, whether through media or through 'official channels', the more people will start to see the police for what they REALLY are - state-sanctioned thugs.
Solidarity with all the Auckland activists - my top hat is well off to you all.

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

These reports do not surprise me one bit. The role of the Police has been to defend the interests of capital and the state against various "threats". In the process of doing so, the Police are given relatively free reign to bahave as they wish and it shouldn't come as any surprise that a macho bully boy culture develops out of these conditions. Most of us learn what sort of behaviour is socially acceptable from the people we spend time around; The same applies to the Police. The difference here is that the very nature of the role of the Police is one that requires coercion and violence, hence developing the mindset that such violence is somehow OK when wearing that blue shirt.

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

From a practical point of view, don't give any of your court case away before you have to defend yourself.

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

Revolutionary Communique

The Llama Alpaca Militant Alliance (LAMA) resolutely condemns the actions of the blue suited minions of the state and calls for the formation of revolutionary citizen-camelid self-defence units.

All cadres and toiling worker camelid-friendly peasants are asked to begin training to support the masses in opposition to the afforementioned blue suited state thugs.

Some suggestions:

1) Alpacas and Llamas can form circles around human comrades to protect them and spit upon the blue suited paper tigers.

2) Great leaps forward can be made by camelid comrades towards the blue suited demons.

3) Camelid comrades can carry large quantities of ammunition for human comrades.

4) Llama cavalry can charge in tight formations, breaking the ranks of the blue suited running dogs of the state.

5) Alpacas can supply urine to comrades and this can be bottled and directed at the blue suited jackals or alternatively, used as a restorative drink for medicinal purposes to succour comrades who have been wounded or feel fatigued.



Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

Im not convinced these images are real. That first one is clearly two old friends hugging. I see nothing but love there. Maybe a father and son? The second one is again someone being saved from falling drunkenly backward, I mean he is a student clearly, so would be doing his duty by being paraletic. The third one? Nothing this man would not have become used to from his mother, and may have made him remember fond times of early childhood protests, perhaps against eating his broccoli or other green issues. Or maybe just maybe instead of spitting his dummy about something he had accidently swallowed it, and the nice man in blue was simply saving him as is his job, when he is not too busy goose-stepping down the road.

It's great stuff is'nt it. Good fun day out for everyone.!!!!

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

Hey!, actually you are right Love and All That!!, what a crack-up! that's ME in the last photo and I'm not grimacing, I always look like that!, its because I need glasses and cant afford them!, and that IS my Dad, about to give me a goodbye kiss as Im off to the op shop to see if I can pick up a new black t-shirt that some capitilist barsted has donated. Then I'll have two!.

And how did you know I never ate my broccoli?, and about the dummy incident?... is that you Mum!! ???

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

The actions made from the New Zealand Police Officer was out of line and were not the steps that a officer should ever follow unless the police officer may use tactical methods to protect other officer's and the public.

Re: Police brutality

Im crying from reading this comment.God im just trying to get info about positional Asphyxia.after i heard of a friends friends cosins father being pepper sprayed 6 yes 6! times. he was puched and kicked all over the body and head.taken in the car,hit a few more times,then hog tied and left in the cells (still hogtied)for 4 hours,in his own urine and vomit(and other peoples urine and vomit).he was kicked a few more times.he was told his wife and daughters are whores and next time they get him they will KILL him.He did not die and he has not let them grind him down in his spirit.This is what the po-lice hate.
He has a couple of permenant physical injuries.sum people mite wonder what he did?
well 1st of all they entered his home unlawfully.2nd of all they were in the apartment building for other reasons(bail check for a different apartment)and they heard loud barged there way in.
anyway I feel so sorry for the thousands of victims of po-lice brutality,young and old and of all 'levels' of society(rich and poor).
will the younger generation have any role models and be more commpassionately humane and educated(non ignorant)with some form of verbal communication.OR will it get worse?
GOD help us all.
and dont let the bugas grind us down.
stay strong.

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

whats up with the try hard hilter moustache?
and why are they letting all these cops into the "force" who have "SHORT MAN SYNDROME"??????
If people go to a protest where cops will be present they shold all wear suits and shave and tie or gel their hair back.Why?to cinfuse the cops and their "6th" sense.
did you know that the female cops arnt gerally an better.
I feel sorry for the non-corrupt cops.

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

do people realise the police are just people realise the police is just the biggest gang in nz?? And probably worse than any other gang??!!

1. guilty of dishonest practices, as bribery; lacking integrity; crooked: a corrupt judge.
2. debased in character; depraved; perverted; wicked; evil: a corrupt society.
3. made inferior by errors or alterations, as a text.
4. infected; tainted.
5. decayed; putrid.
–verb (used with object)
6. to destroy the integrity of; cause to be dishonest, disloyal, etc., esp. by bribery.
7. to lower morally; pervert: to corrupt youth.
8. to alter (a language, text, etc.) for the worse; debase.
9. to mar; spoil.
10. to infect; taint.
11. to make putrid or putrescent.
12. English Law. to subject (an attainted person) to corruption of blood.
–verb (used without object)
13. to become corrupt.

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

Do what the police instruct of you and they won't have to resort to force. And maybe you won't get arrested. Not brain surgery is it.

Re: Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: offic

I to was a believer in our police force until I saw for myself,how some cops can be very vicious,and abuse there power.A young boy was walking pass my house and a cop car pulled alongside him,with three male police officers,I didn't hear the conversation,but the young boy was not doing anything to aggravate the cops,but one of the cops,slammed him to the ground,while another kicked and punched him.And what's so ironic is that they just let him go,after that,my husband took the number plate of the police vehicle and we lodged a complaint at the police station,we also had pictures of this event and gave them to the police,but still nothing has happened,we went in and also wrote a letter asking what was the outcome of there investigation we were swiftly told that there had been no record of this incident.

So you the reader need to ask yourself who are the real criminals.

You would expect this kind of behavior from gangs NOT OUR POLICE FORCE

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

i think its time for a change. Much like the hippies planted flowers, we must plant our words. You say this isint our nation. Then leave. Or fight for it.

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

Thanks for truly creating a better world with this rubbish

Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: officer 6

f))k the police they just murdered and inocent man in auckland today. we need to stop going to war with eachother and fight against the real threat!


Re: Re: Police brutality 19/3/05 Auckland my complaint re: offic

How do we take these "thugs in uniform" down??? They so protected by the very laws that were meant to be put in place to protect us!