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Giant Squid found at Farewell Spit


World's largest squid discovered by British tourists

A 5.7m-long and 300kg giant squid was found dead Monday 3km from the lighthouse by tourists Nick and Rosemary Pinfield on a Farewell Spit Tours trip at northern tip of the South Island yesterday.

The giant squid was escorted to Auckland for a post mortem examination by a squid specialist yesterday, and will be used for research.

"It was the biggest squid I have ever seen - it looked like a large white sausage!" said tourist Rosemary Pinfield.

"In all my years as a marine enthusiast, it is wonderful to see such a fine specimen of a sepioteuthis lessoniana."

"Imagine the size of the squid rings that would come from that old fellow" said her husband, Nick Pinfield. "This really is a once in a lifetime event."


The Thing That Should Not Be

He watches, lurking beneath the sea.

Rising. Immortal.

In madness, he dwells