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NZ SAS: Complicit in torture and murder


More SAS to Afghanistan means NZ is deepening its committment to a terrorist regime - the USA.

Helen Clark's announcement that 50 SAS will be deployed to Afghanistan only
after Human Right Watch condemned the United States for torture of Afghani
people is cause for extremely grave concern.

'NZ SAS are serving in covert missions including directing bombing raids and
conducting surveillance for US military. There is a NZDF officer stationed at
Bagram Air Force Base, where torture of prisoners is believed to have occured.'
said Peace Action Wellington member Valerie Morse

'New Zealand is deeply involved in the brutal occupation of Afghanistan which
seeks to legitimate a US-puppet regime.'

'New Zealand has lost any credibility as a peacekeeper. By sending elite combat
troops the government is clearly illustrating that it will do whatever is
necessary to appease the United States.'

'New Zealand has a reputation and long history of supporting human rights and
international law. Helen Clark clearly cares nothing about either of these when
they stand in the way of a free-trade deal with the US.'

'This government has deployed more troops to US Wars in the last two years than
any government since Vietnam. Most of them have been sent in secret.'

Peace Action Wellington demands an immediate and unconditional end to ALL New
Zealand support fo rhte so-called 'War on Terrorism'



Wrong reasons to oppose war

NZs involvement in the war on terror has to be opposed from the standpoint of the rights of the nations being attacked and occupied, not the sensibilities of NZers.
We have to oppose this war in total, not because it leads to torture and murder, or threatens NZ's supposed reputation as a 'peacekeeper' supporting 'human rights' and 'international law'. It is not the 'illegality' of this war that is the problem but its causes -US imperialism's grab for oil.

NZ's credibility as a 'peacekeeper' is bullshit. NZ has backed the British and the US in every major war they have created in the name of their profits. The 'human rights' of the Vietnamese didnt count any more then those of the Afghans count today. It was 'guns for butter'then and now its 'more guns for more butter'.

Of course we must demand NZ troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq immediately, but don't expect ANY government to do it for you. For example a future Green Government? The Greens press release on the lastest troop deployment tells us what they would do - pass a nowarlaw.

Greedy Clark

My partner is now currently serving in Afghanistan, he left on monday with 50 other troops. We are suppose to be a peace keeping country and Helen Clark is too greedy to keep our soldiers safe. Our troops are doing the U.S dirty work and clean up. She has no respect for our brave soldiers who are meant to be there to assist and support the innocent lives of people facing this wicked war. This is not our war and our troops don't deserve to be in this kind of danger, they enter their jobs to serve and protect their country and so far all we have done is protect other countries fight with pure bitterness. The U.S want us to join their "gang" so we can help them bully people and our soldiers have better things to do and alot more respect for their country to be playing with their own lives. Bring my man home!!

Re: NZ SAS: Complicit in torture and murder

New Zealand troos should be in iraq fightin along side the americans

Re: NZ SAS: Complicit in torture and murder

Davebrown has a point n.z has backed out of most wars and it really FUCKS me off